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Joy-packed Festival Themed Events in 2021

Joy-Packed Festival Themed Events in 2021

Festival Season is almost here…

Don’t let the weather fool you- the Summer is just around the corner. So, throw the ultimate festival themed event and let loose all the stresses of the past year!

Although May hasn’t been quite what we had imagined, it’s made the build up to June 21st all the more potent. As we sit out the rain, thoughts turn to how we can make the most of 2021. After a turbulent 18 months, the Vaccines are finally seeing us out of restrictions, and we are all ready to embrace a hard-won freedom. When it comes to Events, we in particular need to make this Summer count as it’s the steppingstone to a strong Autumn/ Winter Season. With this in mind, we know the importance of getting the tone of the Summer Events right. As a result, we could think of no finer theme than a Festival. Here in this blog we provide a guide on how to create joy-packed festival themed events in 2021.

Optimism for Summer 2021 with Festival Themed Events

Thanks to a host of test events run through Early May to present Day, there is growing optimism that events can go ahead. Thanks to track and trace, lateral flow testing and the vaccination- we are seeing a way to run an event safely and successfully. It was just this past weekend when we saw Rotterdam host an astounding Eurovision show. For those watching at home- you could have sworn that Covid had never happened. Closer inspection and an explanation by the host Graham Norton made it clear that every effort had been made to make the event safe.

They had four different scenario plans set up to cover every eventuality. A smaller audience was invited, all of which had to test negative before attending. Even the performers were also rigorously tested. As a result, the Icelandic entry had a positive test within the band meaning they had to watch the show from their hotel room in isolation.  With every effort made to keep attendees safe, there was a palpable optimism within the arena. After two years of built-up excitement- the event’s organisers delivered a show that would rival anything before covid.

So, with seeing how much can be done post-Covid – we want to forge ahead with a plan for Summer 2021. Regardless of the year, a festival theme is always popular in the Summer. However, this year’s different. Why? Because we have had a year pining for normality and 2021 will be our first taste of it. Colours will be more vibrant; Music will be louder and meeting up with friends and colleagues will be a rush.

Make a Rainbow Blush

Do you have an event planned for this Summer? Let’s do it Festival style and make it a riot of colour that every guest will be wowed by. A dreary old May has made us all the more keen for a sun kissed Festival experience so why not bring it to a corporate event? Corporate functions have a habit of having ‘Colour Themes’ and ‘Colour ways’ to match the brand but why not break out of the norm?! Throw the rule book out of the window and make your event so colourful it would make a Rainbow blush.

Every inch of your space could be a colourful haven. Starting with AV Production- ask them to follow your lead and create a colourful lighting design. Following that up with the details, from the centrepieces to the bunting – everything needs to be jam-packed with colour.

Location, Location, Location

When your event is all about the great outdoors- it seems like a no-brainer to pick a venue that has great natural light. It is difficult to give a true festival vibe in a windowless corporate room. As in the pictures show here, the client chose a rural venue that had a marquee paired with outdoor space. The Blue Parrot Group who represents Table Art Scotland took full advantage of this venue and made two distinctive spaces. The first welcome zone was outdoors so they installed a camper, deck chairs and festival signage to bring it all to life. Note that in the tree they hung colourful lanterns- these were then brought through into the marquee space.

The Marquee had a very different vibe, more Festival at night. The room is still packed with colour but they took full advantage of the high ceilings with a lantern installation. Lanterns were then brought down to table level with our Festival Table Centre. The tall acrylic legs lit the lanterns beautifully and the colourful palette continues. There are also mirrors, turf furniture and a camper photobooth to really draw the theme together.

After a year of being locked down within our homes, we all want that breath of fresh air. Consequently, choosing a venue with outdoor space is a real winner.

Fun Detailing

You may have noticed that this venue was packed with fun details. From the Flower Spinners in the grass to the real Campervan parked front and centre. It is these fun details that make the event one to remember. Key props like the campervan draw in the guests and becomes a fabulous photo backdrop. To anyone seeing the event on social media, the theme is instantly recognisable. The flower spinners are a pop of colour in what could have otherwise been a very boring lawn. At the end of the evening a couple of guests were found amongst the flowers getting some last-minute photos taken.

Chill Out Zones

With an event, its always important to create chill out zones for guests. People can be sat at their tables for hours at a time, especially when it’s an awards show. Apart from the odd trip to the loo, they get very little rest bite. By installing chill out zones, you have little havens for guests to take a break in. What is equally important is making these chill out zones social and on theme. With this event, they wanted two zones, outdoors and indoors.

The outdoor space was a collection of deck chairs and haybales centred around the campervan. It was a natural draw to guests as they arrived. Creating a relaxed atmosphere as they took their first drink. Indoors the client chose a smaller more boutique style zone with Turf Sofas and a photobooth. While guests lined up for their photo they are able to take a load off and catch up with colleagues on the sofa.

Guests are always impressed when they see Chill Out Zones. It conveys confidence and care- that the event planners have thought of every eventuality. When those zones match the theme, it makes a seamless addition to the centrepiece and props that were part of the initial scheme. Here at Table Art we have no end of options when it comes to these Zones so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Joy Filled Moments at Festival Themed Events

After 2020 dashed our usual festival jaunts, we have come into 2021 eager to get out there and party! As the vaccination program goes from strength to strength, confidence is coming back in events. We have noticed the enquiries coming back in and excitingly, the summer looks to be a busy one. For your Summer/ Autumn event we can think of no better theme. Table Art has everything you need to create something worthy of Glastonbury. Contact our team now for a free no obligation quotation.

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