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January Christmas Party

A January Christmas Party

A January Christmas Party can have all the atmosphere of a traditional December party. Not everyone can find the time to organise a Christmas Party during December. For many industries, it can be an extremely busy time of year. For example if you are an events company organising everyone else’s parties, there is no chance to organise your own. Delivery companies, retail workers, hospitality staff, emergency services and many many more are too busy looking after everyone else.

There is no reason though that a January Christmas Party can’t be just as much fun, if not more. It is something to look forward to in the new year. Just when everyone else is feeling the post Christmas slump, you can organise a January Christmas Party. A real motivator for your staff.

Of course you don’t have to theme your January Christmas Party with traditional Wintry theming. You can choose whatever you want. If you are still wanting to hang on to Christmas then you may wish to include Giant Presents and Baubles.

winter event present
winter event present

Winter Theme

Or you may wish to forget Christmas itself and just go with a January Winter theme. You could include Table Art’s amazing Stag’s Head and Snow Trees. Table Centres add to the theme with fantastic effect. Why not try The Winter Trees? Or The Ice Melt?

christmas tree prop
christmas tree prop

Dream Circus

Of course you could always forget Winter and Christmas and go for something completely different. And Table Art’s Dream Circus is completely different. From a bizarre giant elephant on a hot air balloon to a flying unicorn  or a lit wall of circus features your event will be one to remember.

letter blocks event
letter blocks event

 Space Theme

Another option is to take your party into space with a space theme. An enormous inflatable rocket will set the theme. Dress the tables with planet  and rocket centrepieces and your room will look out of this world.

inflatable prop hire
flying rocket table art

Something Else

With hundreds of choices, there is no excuse for a boring party. And having a January Christmas Party is a fantastic thing to look forward to when everyone else is all partied out. Make your January Christmas Party special with Table Art.

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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