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Innovative Approach: Events Post-Covid

Innovative Approach: Events Post-Covid

With increasing confidence in events post-covid, can we finally break free of COVID-19 restrictions?

We may be enjoying the easing of restrictions, but can we ever go back to life in events pre-COVID? The return of in-person events is a welcome sight. But can we really return to life as we knew it? Here at Table Art we are of the opinion that the Events Industry has forever changed and our approach to large scale events needs a rethink. This won’t be news to Event Planners out there up to their eyes in red tape. However, what we want to do is explore ways that we can future-proof the event industry. In this blog we highlight the latest developments in our industry and go onto discuss ways in which we can protect ourselves going forward.


Do you want the good news or the bad news? Good first? Good Choice…

  • Across the UK restrictions have now eased with very few limitations left on our operations. Legal requirements for social distancing has been lifted and there is now no limit on the number of people that can gather indoors.
  • The Government has confirmed a multi-million pound insurance scheme for the Events industry. Called the Live Events Reinsurance Scheme, it will cover any costs incurred when/if the Government must impose new restrictions, preventing an event from going ahead. This will be available from next month.
  • Our vaccination programme is one of the most successful rollouts worldwide. More than 90 million doses administered. A staggering three quarters of us are now full vaccinated.

COVID-19 | Taking Responsibility

With most restrictions now lifted across the UK it can be easy to get complacent. We as both individuals and as a society need to take responsibility for our actions. We need to act sensibly going forward. What does that mean? Perhaps that means keeping your mask on, especially when experiencing any symptoms. Always prioritising hygiene, specifically keeping your hands sanitized.

Beyond the obvious actions we need to take, perhaps it is time to take a closer look at what we can do for Events Post-Covid industry. Our eagerness to get back to normality is almost palpable but we must not forget that rushing forward could mean huge setbacks later. Our highest priority should be to avoid any further lockdowns so what can we do as a collective to avoid this?

A Whole New World

Looking down the barrel of additional Health and Safety measures can be described as demoralising. Especially given the past 18 months, the last thing we want to be doing is sorting through miles of red tape. Key to the success of any business is to take positive approaches even in the darkest of times. Given that, perhaps we need to look at the new H&S regulations in a more positive way? See it as an opportunity to safeguard our industry.

Many venues have created a new role within their business, a COVID-19 Compliance Officer. What a stroke of genius! To have a dedicated member of the team that can be up on the latest rules and regs. A go-to guide for all things COVID. These new and valuable team members are putting in place important systems to preserve our events. One way systems and temperature checks systems all regulated by an on-site Compliance officer.

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Innovative Approach

The system of Ticket Purchasing has also had to have a re-think. To help your guests feel confident about their purchase, add in a promise that any tickets will automatically roll over to a rescheduled rate. What if a new date isn’t available? Make the refund process fast and effective. Refunds are painful in the short term but if you make the process seamless, your guests are more likely to return and purchase again.

Planners are making the most of the event website. Alongside the basic information for the event, you will now find the details of how the event plans to keep everyone safe. Event pages detailing hand sanitiser and social distancing measures are more likely to put attendees at ease.


What measures do we have in place for Events Post-Covid?

As a supplier, our approach to the events needs to be smarter. Firstly, we have introduced a mandatory Lateral Flow test for all crew members attending an event. The morning of the booking our team will test and email us images of their negative result. Obviously if a member was to prove positive, we have plenty of staff available to cover. Any staff member that tests positive will be sent home for a 14-day isolation.

We have an updated Risk Assessment that covers COVID-19 specific issues. A new RA will be completed and sent to customers prior to their event. Any additional measures the customer may require will be carried out diligently.


Did someone say hand sanitiser? The vans are packed with tubes of the stuff! We have updated our event kit to include sanitiser. About which, the Event Kit now also includes masks. Given the current easing of restrictions, our team will endeavour to wear theirs but if they feel it is safe to do so they may forego the mask. If however you want to make mask wearing mandatory at your event, we will of course comply.

During set up we will encourage open Windows. Given how important it is to the event industry to get this right, we imagine that many a venue will have prioritised their ventilation. However, if we arrive and we are looking at a windowless space then we will make sure masks are donned and we keep to our own specific space. To avoid the potential spreading of germs, we will cordon off a small area within the room to work in and allocate one member of staff to go and place the centrepieces on the table. They will do their upmost to limit contact with any furniture in the room, just going from table to table installing the centrepiece.

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Time to be positive…

After a very dark 18 months we need to be level-headed as we approach autumn. It would be easy to get over excited and undue all the hard work that has got us to this point. We can prove to the world that its time to get out and enjoy events post-covid.  So, as an industry we need to work together to make our customers feel safe. If we all shoulder responsibility and move forward practicing the same high levels of service, safety and fun then we cannot fail.

If you have an event coming up, contact the team today to get a free no obligation quotation.


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