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Galvanizing an Industrial Icon: Victoria Warehouse

Galvanizing an Industrial Icon: Victoria Warehouse

A contemporary table centre illuminating the great industrials halls Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse.

At arguably the coolest venue in Manchester, back in 2018 we illuminated the GMCC Annual Business Gala. Our Full Moons chosen for their ultramodern look, working in fabulous contrast to the industrial venue. 

We can never resist a good set of photographs. As we looked back through the archives, these beauties sprang forward. A great opportunity to highlight one of our favourite venues, we wanted to showcase these images alongside a case study into the event and venue. We hope you enjoy this blog as it gives you an inside into our experiences working at Victoria Warehouse.

The Venue

A Rising Phoenix…

A symbol of the industrial age, a textile factory first established in 1932. Following decades of productivity with brands such as McVitie’s and Cadbury’s, a fire delivered an abrupt end in 1980. There the building stood in disrepute until 2005 when the building was purchased by developers. It is at this stage that Victoria Warehouse started the process of where it is today. It was not until 2009 when building work was underway that the true beauty of this warehouse was revealed. The warren of rooms opened up the history of the place and the possibilities flourished.

victoria warehouse venue

Launched 2012

The owners initially launched the Warehouse as a music venue in 2012. With a resurgence of interest, the venue became the coolest spot in Manchester. People flocked to the warehouse and the area was quick to follow in the path laid out by the developers. Today, Victoria Warehouse sits in one of the most popular districts in the city.

Feeding from this popularity, it became obvious to all that this venue was more than just a music venue. First tentative steps were made into the corporate market and within weeks, the bookings came flooding in. This is where the warehouse truly built up its reputation. Not only was it a painfully trendy spot to host your party, the service provided was unparalleled. 

Present Day

Present day Victoria Warehouse sees itself hosting 50 weddings a year in addition to its corporate bookings. It is now the go-to venue for the bohemian bride and groom, looking for a unique space to celebrate. Ultimately, that is what it’s all about – delivering unforgettable experiences. At this venue, every event will make history…

victoria warehouse event

The Client

Our orders come in direct from an events agency, it is unusual for a client to get in touch directly. When this happens, it is because the client has a dedicated events team handling the event. That was certainly the case in this instance. Lisa Wroe heads the team as Events Manager at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. She is the lead creative behind the GMCC Annual Business Gala.

GMCC Annual Business Gala is a prestigious Awards Dinner that traditionally takes place during the Spring/Summer period. Celebrating the 4500 members of the Chamber of Commerce, a select few are gifted an award for their contributions. As the largest Chamber of Commerce in the UK, the delegates look forward to this evening, an opportunity to get together and mingle!

Now every spring we get a call from Lisa looking for centrepieces to dress her gala and we are thrilled to oblige! With over 140+ Table Centre Hire options, it can be a colossal task choosing a favourite. Table Art narrows the field, considering your brief, venue and brand. Above all, we pride ourselves in a custom proposal that has a selection of designs that we feel work best for your event. Once the client has received the proposal, they can put it forward to their team and select their favourite. On this occasion, Lisa and her team selected the Full Moon for it’s modern aesthetic.

victoria warehouse manchester

The Centrepiece

We know we should not have favourites but it’s so hard not to with such a huge range of Table Centre Hire options at Table Art. The sales team have their go-to table centres when proposing certain styles of events and the Full Moon is one of the top selections by the team for awards. Don’t be fooled by their simple silhouette, they transmit this ambience that draws guests to their tables. The warm glow of the orbs at the centre of the table draws you in like a moth to the flame. When a client opts for DMX then these beauties really come to life!

GMCC Annual Business Gala

GMCC Annual Business Gala was one such event that chose to upgrade to the DMX lighting system on the Full Moon. They made full use of the system by addressing it directly to the AV desk on site. With our team arriving early for rehearsal, the AV plugged in and played with the lights. The room was a flashing myriad of colours that the client gasped at. We love hearing ‘WOW’ when the centrepieces illuminate.

With the DMX system checked and ready to go- the centrepieces were powered down until the event began.

victoria warehouse manchester venue

The Event

What a night! As you can see from the pictures, a selection of the Full Moons placed at the Drinks Reception Area. A strong move by an event planner, it sets the tone as guests arrive and grab a drink. The brilliant thing about the reception area of the Victoria Warehouse is these colossal industrial tables they have. Old wooden coils for caballing back in the day, they work in the very bones of the building’s aesthetic. With a Full Moon perched on top, they draw the eye and welcome the arrivals into the reception.

The Big Reveal

One of the other cool things about this venue is the big room reveal! Once guests have arrived and everyone has a drink in hand, its time for a showstopping moment. A curtain is pulled back seamlessly, it is the length of the bar and in an instant the dinning room is unveiled! Now this really is the point when you hear ‘WOW’ a crazy amount! Consequently, it’s the inevitable scramble to the tables as guests rush to take their seats. It is no surprise that the guests are so keen to get a night of celebration started!

The evening began with a delicious meal that was divided up by the awards. Tables flashed as the nominees were listed and then as the announcement for the winner came in, the winners table shone bright! Becoming the go-to move, every guest looked to their centrepiece to indicate who the next winner would be. We love this building of anticipation and even if we do say so ourselves, we think we are pretty good at it!

victoria warehouse event

The Wrap Up

In the same way that we all have our favourite table centre hire options, we also have favourite venues. Victoria Warehouse is high on the list for most of us. Drawn to the ultra-cool styling and the undeniably history of the place- it is a thrill to get the chance to work there. This event was a particular highlight because it was a chance to utilize our DMX system on a prestigious awards show. We relish any chance we get to use our DMX system and it is becoming more and more popular.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact our team today.


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