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House Party: Organic Balloon Display

House Party: Organic Balloon Display –

A Retrospective

Summer is almost upon us, so we look back at a house party we decorated last summer with an Organic Balloon Display.

When Summer rolls round, the BBQ is dusted off and the gardened tidied. Often in readiness for a party, households across the country make the most of their social calendar over the social months. Now 2020 might well be a very different scene so let us indulge our imaginations. Never to early to plan a party, perhaps this blog will spark ideas for a 2021 Soiree.

We have taken a trip in our Table Art Time Machine back to June last year. This blog looks at a private event that we decorated for a garden party. With us having launched our Organic Balloon Display range only weeks earlier, the client wanted this new styling for their big event! Obviously, Table Art were happy to oblige…

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Setting the Scene

Early June we successfully debuted the Organic Balloon Displays at Warwick University. The following week, we highlighted the event in our newsletter. The response was almost immediate, with enquiries flooding in. Customers were keen to bring this unique balloon styling to their next event.

One such customer was throwing a prestigious garden party in the grounds of their Warwick home. For a landmark birthday celebration, they wanted guests to be blown away by an entrance feature and photo backdrop. Our sales team spoke with the client at length, proposing sketches of what could be achieved.

The next, and arguably one of the most important steps is to undertake a site visit. With Table Art based in Leamington Spa, it was a pleasantly short trip up Myton Road to the Warwick Home. Here we were able to take ample measurements and photographs. All this feeding into a more accurate quotation, we put together a proposal that the client could not resist.

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What is an Organic Balloon Display?

I hear you asking, what is an Organic Balloon Display? Well unless you are well versed in the world of Events, you may not have come across this design term. Made popular in the mid-2000s, it is a freeform style of balloon displays. The aim being to replicate a more naturalistic form, an organic balloon display is an ebb and flow of balloons. Often there is ‘Source’ point that the balloons emulate from, cascading into a sculptural shape. 

When you think of Table Art, I imagine you think lit table centres, technology, and service. Balloons may be low on the list of thoughts. Well believe it or not, we have been working with balloons for decades. Our MD Gary Martin started his career in events as a DJ. In that role, often asked to supply balloon displays for weddings and the like. So, Gary has been working with balloons for a mighty long time! He is our go-to guy on all thing’s balloons. He certainly paved the way on building this range of Organic Balloon Displays.

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Right on Trend

First made popular by Khloe Kardashian at a particularly opulent baby shower. The event featured an Organic Balloon photo backdrop which became the ‘must-have’ event accessory.

From that point, the Organic Balloon Displays could be seen across the globe on a huge spectrum of events. With it having that ‘organic’ look, it proved very popular on Pinterest. Hundreds of ‘pins’ quickly became thousands. Presently you can find well over a million related images when you type in organic balloons into Pinterest. This gives anyone interest in the look, a huge resource of inspiration.

Following a slew of phone calls enquiring into the style, we set the design studio to task. They utilized Pinterest and put together mood boards to get them inspired!

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Colour Combinations

The beauty of the Organic Balloon Display is its versatility. Often, when planning an event, a client will opt for a neutral colour pallet for an entrance feature or backdrop. Relying on uplighters to inject the colour. However, with the Organic Balloon Displays, you can select your colours ahead of the event. A wondrously freeing approach, an agency or client can bring in their brand colours instantly.

Just a quick phone call to our table art team with your colour references in hand. Our crew will then fire across colour images of the balloons for you to approve. Although we cannot ‘colour-match’ the balloons to your Pantone references etc, we can make it so close we challenge you to see a difference.

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Customised to Suit the Celebrations

The colour is not the only customisable element to the displays. You can also custom print the balloons with your logo/ event moto or themed motif. We work with a balloon specialist who screen prints the balloon with your chosen design. You then get the chance to see the prototype and approve before we undertake the full production for the order.

We ourselves did this for a recent exhibition for our Dining Hub Range. Having our logo printed direct to 3ft Glow Bubbles. They made such an impact on the stand, drawing the passers by into our stall.

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Free Formed Displays

The Organic Balloon Displays have so many brilliant features. One of the most helpful aspects of this style of display is the lack of restrictions. For example, if you have an awkward space to decorate you may feel you have limited options with the décor. If you opt for an organic balloon display, the team will mould the design onsite to suit the space. With a brief chat upon arrival, the table art technicians will get a sense of the start and finish point with you. Then they crack on! You will be amazed as you see the display spring from one corner and grow to the next.

Tweaking is not an issue either here. With everything constructed on strings, the displays can be moved if the positioning is not quite right. We all have the last-minute fears of an exacting client and so to have a display that is easily adaptable takes away the stress.

As you can see from the imagery on this blog, we are not restricted by the location! With many of our props and centrepieces, everything must be indoors. Obviously, we have to protect our tech and we all know how unreliable the British weather can be! So, to avoid rain damage the majority of what goes on here is indoors. HOWEVER, not the case for the Organic Balloon display. With Rubber balloons, rain is not a concern. As done here for the house party, we can create arcs and freestanding structures in the great outdoors without a problem. For this particular event it was a warm summers evening, so we popped some uplighters outside to give additional depth. Not a definite requirement, we can bring them along to an event and if the rain comes, the uplighters can stay in the van.

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Make a Statement

For those looking to make a statement on their event, the Organic Balloon Display is a must. A jaw dropping entrance feature will deliver a real impact as guests arrive. They instantly set the tone and communicate the theme/ brand from the moment a guest sets their eyes upon it. For the best service in the business, you can rely on Table Art to deliver your event décor to the highest standard.


We could talk for hours about the virtues of an organic balloon display, but we are confident that these pictures speak for themselves. With the displays being bang on trend, we are sure that they will be high on the request list when the lockdown eases/finishes.

Started planning for your next big event? Contact the team today for the very best in Table Centre Hire Options:


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