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Hosting an Awards Ceremony for Your Corporation

Hosting an Awards Ceremony for Your Corporation

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Want to host a corporate awards ceremony with all the bells and whistles?

Want to impress your employer and stand out among your colleagues?

This is your chance to one-up your colleagues and showcase your management skills.


Your team has just hit the mark, and it’s time for celebration. It’s important to recognise excellence and reward it accordingly. This practice helps to keep up the morale of the team and increases efficiency, too. Now that the time has come to plan for the event, you’ll need a number of ideas to help you out.

Planning for an evening of recognising talent and bring employees together can be a hassle. However, with a professional on your side, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Table Art has the props and furniture you need to decorate the perfect award ceremony venue. Want to know how you can pull this off? Keep reading to find out.

Here is a list of a few props that can help you make the right impression. Prepare for a night of glitz and glamour to honour hardworking employees.

Let’s get started!

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A Heartfelt Welcome – Entrance Features

You need to roll out the red carpet and make your guests feel like royalty. There are several options available at Table Art that’ll remain true to the theme, but you need the best one. If you want to elevate the look of the venue, this addition is just what you need. The Red Carpet, Red Rope, and Lit Posts allow your awards ceremony guests to feel the star treatment. Let them have a taste of what’s in store for them inside the venue.

For an added charm, choose the colours of your corporation for the lit posts. Or opt for the colours of your theme to bring more authenticity to the venue. These illuminated pixel posts can be programmed for extra effects. Avail this opportunity and take advantage of the unique, lit ideas.   

table art red carpet
table art red carpet

Brand Promotion – Branded Lit Arc

Be proud of your profession and use this opportunity to do some brand promotion for your corporation. The Branded Lit Arc can brighten up those nooks and crannies significantly and creates a dynamic entrance feature. You can also use them to make a tunnel that leads guests to the main room. The ways of using this prop are unlimited, and the sky’s the limit. Get creative and use a pair to highlight the staging area.

The bar is often the focal point of the venue, so use that to your advantage. You can get branded Bar Panels to dress up the venue. You can also choose from our selection of stock designs to save yourself some trouble. Transform the bar to maximize the impact of the decorations.

Table Art also offers you the choice of getting these lit panels custom printed for your event. Get a clear sense of brand and promote the business in style.  

branded arc event decor
branded lit arc

Comfortable Seating

The Chesterfield Sofa is one of the most comfortable seating options that we have. It provides a chic look to the event and leans a bit towards the vintage style; perfect for an awards ceremony. You can opt for these sofas as reserved seating for special guests to give them the star treatment.

To add a more casual feel to the event, you can go for the Director’s Chair. They look great for both indoor and outdoor settings. The seating option is available in pure black and stainless white to help you set the right look. This is a stylish option that also offers the benefit of cost-effectiveness. If you are looking to create a more relaxed setting, this exotic option is all you need.   

event furniture hire
directors chair

LED Table Centrepieces – Professional Touch

An awards ceremony night is all about the corporation and the employees that make it a success. One way to strengthen the brand identity is to choose the right LED table centrepieces.

The Logo Sphere is just what the name indicates. It’s a table centrepiece with a clear sphere which encases the logo of your corporation. Or if you want to highlight a specific product, you can opt for the Branded Display Case. The graceful glass display case will hold the product that you are celebrating that night. This prop is a great opportunity to promote brand awareness!

For a dramatic look to the branded case idea, you can go for the Ice Cube. The real ice cube holds the product of your choice within it for a fabulous look. The ice slowly melts during the event and reveals the secret it holds. This will keep the guests intrigued for the duration of the office award ceremony. From the moment guests see it, they’ll be equally curious and impressed by the prop.


You could even go for something totally bespoke. Perhaps an acrylic centrepiece in the shape of your company’s logo. Another option would be to opt for branded wraps around the light box underneath the centrepiece itself. This would keep the actual table centre in its original form, whilst also promoting your brand.

branded table centre
bespoke branded table centre

Your Vision

These are just some of the props and furniture that’ll help you create the perfect environment for the award ceremony. You can describe your vision to our team, and we’ll make it our priority to make it a reality.    

Get Our Help

So, are you looking to organize a party that leaves your colleagues gobsmacked?

Want to plan an event that offers something for all your guests and keeps them intrigued?

Are you searching for the right decorations and props that’ll add charm and style to your office award ceremony?

Are you wondering what party props can help you add charm and magic to the party?

Now you have help available to choose the right resources! You can avail the best services from the UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art.

We have the most stunning event décor to light up your events and make your vision a reality to be beheld.

Get our help and plan parties and events that’ll define you!

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