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Lord and Lady of the Manor: Dressing Stately Homes

Lord and Lady of the Manor

Tips for dressing an event hosted in a stately home, we channel all the drama and romance of Downton Abbey.

An Estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh, nestled in 6500 acres of lush grounds. The house plays host to hundreds of events yearly. As a result, it is a favourite venue for weddings and corporate functions alike. For those that have had the privilege of stepping inside Hopetoun House, they will be familiar with the opulent surroundings that the house offers. So, with such decadent architecture and rich history demands elegant event décor. Last year we had the great honour of dressing an event inside Hopetoun House. Consequently we dressed the tables in our most lavish table centre, the Pixel Crystal held its own in this fabulous venue.

hopetoun house

Dressing Stately Homes

To clarify, this blog explores your styling choices when you select a stately home for your event. We know that these historic homes are particularly popular for Weddings but there is a growing trend in the corporate market. That is to say, companies looking to capitalise on the high-end look will opt for a stately home. Therefore, the bonus of many of these types of venues is that come with ample accommodation. Logistically the only consideration for a planner is getting everyone to the venue. So, once on site, everything is accommodated for.

hopetoun house corporate dinner

The Venue: Hopetoun House

Arguably one of Scotland’s finest stately homes, it is known for the natural beauty of its plentiful grounds. A whopping 6500-acre estate surrounds this Georgian property. In short, offering fantastical gala dinner packages, they invite guests to dine under crystal chandeliers in the beautiful Adam Ballroom. Truly unique experience, guests will feel like they have stepped back in time. In addition, the venue enjoys a rich heritage which imbues every event with a real sense of importance and cachet.

As a result, this is a well-respected conference venue. They offer a unique experience for delegates that will both allow them to enjoy their surroundings while focussing on the business in hand. Certainly, the house prides itself on a dedicated events and catering team that work together to deliver the most spectacular gala dinners. From the hustle and bustle of the city, guests are transported to a Downtown Abby scene. Furthermore, by selecting the Hopetoun House for your wedding/ corporate event, you are guaranteeing a special experience for all the attendees.

hopetoun house corporate

The Event

This evening was a company awards show, celebrating the achievements of its employees. Having selected Hopetoun House as their venue, they were keen to capitalise on the charm and opulence. Consequently, not possessing a theme for the event, the most important factor was drawing in their company colours: Amber. So, With the venue already being such a draw decoratively, it was just a question of dressing the tables.

Our Scottish Table Art Partners, Blue Parrot Events worked with this client to make sure every need was met. Tasked with table dressing, the Blue Parrot team put together a proposal that featured our most fabulously decadent table centres. Highlighting the fact that every centrepiece could be lit amber, it was a simple case of choosing a favourite design. The client selected the Pixel Crystal almost immediately and we can see why…

hopetoun house corporate galas


Utilizing the technology of our Pixel Tubes, this centrepiece uses the same base components but add a flourish with a crystal chandelier. Featuring glass droplets, the chandelier sits elegantly on top of the tube and captures every wave of light. One of the most marvellous features of the Pixel Tube is the 16 different light channels that run up through the central tube. As a result you have a spectrum of colour to play with. Although the client simply wanted an Amber tone, we were able to enrich this by creating a flickering effect, similar to that of a candle. This lighting effect added a real sense of drama and romance to the event.

hopetoun house tables

Your own Lady of the Manor Moment:

The Pixel Crystal is one of a great many centrepieces that could work brilliantly for a stately home event. Below you will find a selection from our ‘Heritage’ collection. Highlighting the best choices in centrepieces for historic venues, these add glamour and sophistication to the heart of the table:

Crystal Pixel Ice Bucket

Crystal Globe

Crystal Candelabra

Ritz Lamp


hopetoun house corporate

To Sum Up:

With the growing trend in Stately Home venues, you may find yourself with the daunting task of choosing event décor for such a venue. Take all the worry and hassle out of the planning and get in touch with Table Art direct. The first big help could be that we have worked at that home before. A policy to take pictures at every event, we may well have images of previous events for you to look at and consider. This can be an invaluable tool for accessing how the venue will look for your event.

The second big reason to contact us is that we are masters of event décor. Our team have vast experience of working at these types of events. Draw on that knowledge and get recommendations for the best type of centrepiece to dress your tables.

Get In Touch:

Experience our customer sevrvice first-hand. Simply dropping us an email with your key event details. Within an hour you will be looking through a sleek proposal. Featuring the best centrepieces and styling options for your event.


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