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hollywood film reel hire
hollywood film reel hire

Hollywood extravaganza parties can be some of the best ones. If you’re looking to have a memorable party, this is the perfect theme to choose. Hollywood is a mix of glitz, glam, movies, and stars. Applying all these aspects into your theme requires careful planning.

Most people end up spending too much time picking the venue and not enough on picking the right party decorations. We’re not talking about balloons with Hollywood Extravaganza written on them. We mean solid decorations that carry your theme coherently. These help to set the mood and are extremely important.

You have to use them with care too. Add too many and your event can look gaudy. Similarly, if you don’t incorporate the right elements, you can end up with a confusing mix. One of the best places to shop for décor pieces for your party is Table Art. We don’t just offer options for seating – we also have some of the best themed décor pieces that you can find.

Now, if you’re still puzzled about what to get from Table Art, we’re here to help you out. The following are some of our top picks and suggestions on how to bring the Hollywood extravaganza theme to life:

hollywood tree hire
hollywood tree hire

Give Them the Red Carpet Experience

One of the first things you should focus on is creating the red carpet. Most Hollywood events focus on this walk too. It’s when celebs can show off their dresses and put their best foot forward. You can opt for two different options here:

The red carpet with rope and chrome posts OR the red carpet with red rope and LED posts.

The only difference between the two options is in the posts used. While the chrome is perfect for that classic Hollywood feel, the LED posts are a modern touch. They can be easily programmed to match the colour scheme that you are incorporating. They’re also more noticeable outdoors in the dark and can add a certain wow-factor.

event prop hire
red carpet pixel tubes

Lit Panels to Pose With

Apart from the red carpet, Hollywood celebs also pose against photo panels too. So you should add them to your Hollywood extravaganza party as well. Here, you can go one step forward by opting for LED lit panels. Not only are they easier to colour match, but you can also get branding featured on them very easily.

They also complement your company’s branding with ease. There’s also an option to get custom printed panelling to use along with your lit panels. If you’re thinking that branded panels are going to ruin the theme, don’t worry. Think back to the Hollywood red carpets you’ve seen and you’ll know that celebs pose against many branded panels too!

hollywood panel hire
art deco panel hire

Add a Film Reel or Two

What’s the one thing that everyone knows about Hollywood? They make all the films there. So, your event would be missing a vital element if you didn’t pay homage to this part of Hollywood. To do this, a great prop to have is the rotating film reel.

You can have it emblazoned with your favourite films or other classic images of famous movies. It’s a versatile, customisable prop which will transport your guests to the Golden-era of Hollywood cinema. The slow-rotating wheels help to add a realistic touch to this prop and make it central to your theme.

hollywood themed events
hollywood film reel prop

Bring the Super Heroes with You

Movies and characters come to life in Hollywood and you mustn’t forget them. Hollywood has fleshed out many iconic characters but none more than superheroes. In fact, superhero movies have become the real moneymakers of Hollywood in recent times.

So, add them to your Hollywood Extravaganza theme by getting a superhero display. From Spiderman and Batman to Darth Vader and Yoda, you can get these more. These cases have ambient LED lighting on the bottom of their stands. The lighting makes them look larger than life!

hollywood centrepieces
spiderman statue hire

Get LED Bar Panels for Your Event

If you’re adding a bar to your party, meld it with your theme by getting LED bar panels. Most bars are focal areas of events and with the bar panels, you can ensure that they don’t turn into an eyesore The LED panels are customisable and will transform the bar instantaneously. Make this vital focal part a hit with our bar panels.

The best part is that you can also get custom prints for the bar panel. We partner with Ace Bar Panels to offer you the best customisation options. So if you’re not happy with the available options, you can get panels that match with your theme. You also get the benefit of getting mobile bar hire services.

events bar panel
events bar panel

Work With Table Art for the Best Hollywood Extravaganza

If you’re pressed for time and don’t know how to plan out your Hollywood Extravaganza event, let us help you out! At Table Art, our team of consultants gives our undivided attention to help you get the event you want.

We work in collaboration with you to bring your vision to life with the best tools possible. Our consultants can also suggest more tasteful additions, centrepieces, and other props. We aim to help you get events that are the talk of the town!

If you want help designing and creating your Hollywood Extravaganza then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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