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An Enchanted Garden Theme: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Halloween Event: Night of the Living Dead

Where the dead rise again, terror strikes and screams echo. Hallows Eve is just around the corner so it’s time to get your scare on. If you’re planning a Halloween Event, look no further!

Well hello September! Just two short months until a seasonal favourite, Halloween! The mind turns like autumn foliage, and you find yourself thinking of Halloween. Don’t fight the thought, it’s time to get organised. Halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year for us and the rest of the event industry. So, it will come as no surprise that we are encouraging our clients to get their booking in now to avoid disappointment.

To serve as a gentle nudge, we have put together this Halloween blog to inspire you. Looking back at a terrifying favourite, we share The Brewery Venues Halloween bash from 2018. These guys are masters of event concepts and this one was no exception. Opting for a haunted house vibe, they created these extraordinary set pieces and hired fabulously scary actors to make the night fully immersive. With the help of our Copper Lamps for table centres, the event was one to remember!

Ghoulish Guests Welcomed

The best event planners and venues know how to build up anticipation. They want their guests to be fizzing with excitement as they arrive at a venue. To achieve that, work needs to go into the build-up. Venues like The Brewery first make sure that their concept is strong, and they have everything in place to deliver their vision. They often employ graphics teams to build a strong sense of aesthetic along with a website to match. That same website then becomes the invite. Game changer, right? Well, this website is the portal to the event. Gives guests a tantalising peak into what to expect. From concept galleries to ticketing information, it’s all there for a guest to absorb.

Dedicated websites or facebook/ insta pages are a great way to get clientele excited. Have a strong sense of event branding and you post regularly to build on the thrill. Guests will be busy sharing posts with one another and consequently getting more excited as the event approaches.

Spook Factory

The Brewery Venue are all about the details. With such a labyrinth of rooms and halls, it would be so tempting to spread the décor and do something in every room. However, the Brewery like to focus all their creativity into selected spaces and give a more exclusive feel for guests. Here they created two key feature spaces and drew in the walkways leading up to them. So, one space had more of the haunted house vibe. Walls were installed with surreal black and white stripes and decorated with hundreds of creepy antique style pictures. The floors continued the surrealist vibes with a black and white chequer tile effect. With the addition of a bath right in the heart of it all, the haunted bathroom was realised.

Dressed with 6ft rounds, guests were treated to a truly trippy dining experience. Our Copper Lamps were in the heart of every table and set with DMX, they flickered to frightening effect. A Victorian Ghost wandered around the room, delivering all the creepy vibes needed for a Halloween Party.  

Monsters on Parade

One of the most striking elements to this event was the use of walkabout characters. The Brewery Venue often uses these actors for their event installs and it really makes an impact. At this event they had some fantastically ghoulish characters. From a ghost wondering around in her Victorian garb to a Mary Poppins Zombie like figure spooking around. With the help of Satureyes Photography, the Characters made the most of their surroundings and helped produce some fantastic event shots. These are invaluable for venues and organisers as it will help promote future shows.

Walkabout characters are well worth the investment. Groups like Area 51 provide Actors that are adept at running with changing briefs and do their upmost to deliver. With a vast range of costumes and make up options, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your character choices.  They add a richness to an event and illustrate to the guests how well thought out the evening is. Walkabout Characters are always a huge hit with guests who are keen to get some great pictures from the event. They eagerly pose with these actors and rush to get the images on social media- all great for a bit of event promotion!

Fang-tastic Night

When it comes to throwing your own Halloween Party, you want to get your theme crystal clear. Whether that’s a classic Hallows Eve or a Day of the Dead style fiesta. It can be tempting to mix and match concepts, especially if you are a magpie when it comes to décor. Don’t just go prop crazy and select every scary piece you see, keep that concept in your mind. Does this prop or centrepiece enhance the theme? Well, add it to the list.

Our top tip would be to contact us at the initial stages and tell us what theme you have in mind. From there our dedicated team can put together a concept package that suits. Then you have the fun task of cherry picking your favourite elements and we can take it from there! Perhaps you haven’t a clue as to what direction you want to take? No problem. Our MD Gary Martin loves it when a client is open to ideas, and he will happily put together new concepts for you to consider.

Trick, Treat and Repeat

October 31st will be here sooner than you think. Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you. Get ahead and contact our team now for the latest in Halloween event décor. By getting those bookings in now you will be guaranteeing a spook-tactular event that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Contact the team here.

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