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The Ultimate Guide To A Hollywood Theme Event

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The Ultimate Guide To A Hollywood Theme Event

Hollywood hasn’t just given us many of the films we love but also many of the characters, fashions, and styles that have come to dominate pop culture. A Hollywood theme event allows let’s guests to role-play as glamorous stars while being surrounded by icons from Tinseltown.

With so much source material and ideas to choose from, it’s important that you make the right choices to build a perfect atmosphere. There are many different approaches you can take and a wide variety of events that a Hollywood theme matches perfectly with.

To help you transform your venue into a true red carpet, we’ve created this guide looking at the best ways to decorate, light, and style your Hollywood themed event.

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Getting Started

Depending on your approach, a Hollywood theme can be made to cater to almost any event type.

An elegant Golden-age of Hollywood works perfectly with large dinners, award ceremonies, conferences, and product launches. Meanwhile, a theme that celebrates filmmaking or movie characters can be well-suited to festivals, school discos, birthday parties, and bar or bat mitzvahs.

You can even combine a Hollywood theme with another theme, such as a movie monster Halloween bash or a classic Hollywood Christmas party.

Theatres, cinemas, and venues with large stages are a good choice for this theme, as are art deco and baroque hotel receptions and historical buildings. Try to keep an eye out for venues that will allow you to have your own elaborate red carpet or enough space to project videos on the wall.

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Decorations, Furniture, And Design

If you are looking for a classic Hollywood feel, then you can take cues from the 1920s and 30s style and design by using art deco features such as modernist props, colourful pieces of furniture, and lots of feathers, drapes, and velvet.

To put your Hollywood spin on it, you can include props from sets such as clapperboards, director’s chairs, cameras, award statues, and even a large Hollywood sign.

For a more general cinema feel, you can make use characters and props from your favourite films, and then use props such as popcorn, cinema seats, film reels, and candy stripe patterns.

To complete the look, you can use light panels and posters featuring images from movie scenes and of famous actors and characters.

Make sure to create a red carpet and to set-aside a space for selfies and group photos. To capture all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, you might consider using lit cube chairs, twisting poseur tables, and string curtains.

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Centrepieces, Lighting, And Colour Scheme

With a classic Hollywood theme, you might want to opt for a black and white colour scheme as a nod to silent beginnings of cinema. The Academy Awards are a good source of inspiration for colours with their use of luxurious reds, gold, and black.

Lighting is essential to bringing your event to life and there’s lots of room to be inventive here. You can try spotlights, strings of festoon lights, lit stars, or large vanity bulbs. You can then set these off with mirrors and disco balls.

Being able to control the colour and lighting of your venue is important when setting up entertainers or speakers, or when you want to subtly change the mood of the room. A good way to do this is with lit centrepieces.

At Table Art, our centrepieces can come in your choice of colour and they are remote-controlled so they can be made to match-up with the atmosphere through the night. The designs can work as a statement piece on every table and add texture to your venue.

For a Hollywood theme, you have a lot of centrepiece choices available to you. You can go with an art deco statue, a piece of memorabilia from your favourite film, an abstract twisting flame, or a film reel.

Take a look at some of our past centrepiece creations to get even more inspiration.


Giving Your Event The Star Treatment: Creating A Theatrical Hollywood Themed Event

With so many options to choose from, it’s important that you choose a direction you want your style to go in and run with it. You want to take your guests into this theatrical world where everything feels possible and larger than life.

If you want help making your Hollywood themed event a success, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can make fabulous custom centrepieces and furniture and have them delivered directly to your venue.


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