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The Ultimate Guide To A Formula 1 Theme Event

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The Ultimate Guide To A Formula 1 Theme Event

For the last 70 years, Formula 1 racing has captured the imagination of the world and each year the Grand Prix puts on some of the best parties and celebrations to be found on the planet.

The thrill of roaring engines and high-octane races makes a fantastic model for a themed event that combines sophistication with great branding and social media opportunities.

Transforming a venue into the side of a racetrack with all the excitement of crowning a Grand Prix winner can be difficult. To help you we’ve created this guide to provide you with ideas for styling your venue, choosing the perfect decorations, installing fabulous lighting, and generating a rip-roaring atmosphere for your guests.

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Getting Started

A Formula 1 theme can work for a variety of venues depending on your approach. The Grand Prix is known for its well-heeled galas and you can use this as inspiration for large banquets, award ceremonies, conferences, and more.

For a more subdued event, you can use racetrack props and Formula 1 icons to style a superb birthday party, end of year event, or costume party. Formula 1 has a wide appeal and it can work as a family friendly theme that can land well with a range of guests.

An ideal venue is a racetrack or sporting arena but many hotel receptions, American-style bars, and clubs are also well-suited to a Formula 1 theme. If you plan to use large props or want to recreate the feel of a racetrack, then you will want outdoor space or plenty of clear floor space.

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Decorations, Furniture, And Design

For general decorations at your event, you can use images and icons from racetracks and Formula 1, including chequered race flags, tyres, road signs, oil barrels, and symbols from famous racing teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes.

Light panels, posters, and prints are a great way of bringing images of the racing cars themselves to your event.

Your design could be a mix of an industrial racetrack with exposed pipes and open space and opulent baroque designs with chandeliers and drapes that take guests to the celebratory galas held in locations such as Monaco and Dubai.

It wouldn’t be a Formula 1 event without a plinth for guests to pose around – it’s a good idea to have a trophy nearby that guests can hold up when taking selfies or group photos. Complete the look with lit cubes and poseur tables.

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Centrepieces, Lighting, And Colour Schemes

The classic colours of a Formula 1 event are the black and white or red and white chequers of a race flag. You can also emphasise the feel of the race track with silvers, smoky greys, sharp blacks, and loud reds.

You can get inventive with your lighting arrangement and try to replicate the feel of floodlights and red and green stop lights. Lighting should feel twinkling in the distance yet powerful.

When you need dynamic lighting to match the mood at your event or to set-up the scene for speakers and performers, then a cost-effective option is to use custom centrepieces.

At Table Art, we make remote-controlled lit centrepieces that can bask your guests in lively colours while acting as a statement piece for each table. Our trademark pixel tube centrepieces pair excellently with the Formula 1 theme and fill the room with energy.

Take a look at some of our other creations to get an idea of the possibilities.

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Get Set And Go Plan: Plan An Exciting Formula 1 Theme Event

A Formula 1 event gives guests an excuse to dress up and feel all the excitement of the Grand Prix at your venue. The energy and dynamism of racing fit in with many events and its appeal extends to those beyond racing enthusiasts.

If you want to have a winning Formula 1 theme event, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can transport and install custom furniture and centrepieces and help deliver a stylish venue that is sure to impress.


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