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The Ultimate Guide To A 1970s Disco Theme Event

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The Ultimate Guide To A 1970s Disco Theme Event

A true 1970s disco was an event all of its own but with discotheques in short supply; it now makes for the perfect theme for a wide variety of events.

Mixing nostalgia with radical dance moves and off-the-wall 70s style creates an evening that guests will love and provides ideal branding and social media opportunities. If you are looking for an energetic and memorable event, then look no further than disco fever.

Pulling off a 1970s disco theme night that remains stylish and tasteful can be difficult, so we’ve created this guide to give you a rundown of the best ideas for decorating, lighting and finding the ideal venue for your event.

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Getting Started

As a 1970s theme, you have a wide range of options this will work well for including birthday and office parties, costume parties, school discos and reunions, and even some dinner parties.

With the disco element, you can open your event to dancing and live entertainment – making it work well for award ceremonies, end of year parties, and other big scale celebrations.

Since you can take either a chic 70s approach or go for an unabashed disco boogie vibe, your design and style options mean you can choose what level of sophistication you want to pitch your event at.

If you want to have dancing at your 1970s disco theme, then it is important your venue has plenty of clear floor space available. Ballrooms, nightclubs, and many hotels should be able to accommodate you and with the right lighting and props, you can convert even a much smaller space into a convincing time-warp disco.

If you’d like to find some great venues that we trust for events then make sure to read this post.

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Decorations And Design

A good source of inspiration for your design is the 1977 classic Saturday Night Fever, where you can see the use of iconic 70s features such as disco balls, lit dance floors, and twinkling lights.

This theme is the perfect place to use light panels and lit furniture including glowing cubes, coloured poseur tables, and bright entranceways that put guests into the disco mood the moment they arrive. You can enhance this with prints and posters of 70s dancers and bands.

Outside the dance floor, you can turn to other 70s designs including minimalist stripes, concentric circles, floral patterns, and low-lying furniture. A lot of 70s interior design is known for its extravagance and psychedelic-inspired imagery.

If you want to make use of 70s iconography, then you might consider using lava lamps, flower power symbols, platform heels, roller skates, and collections of vinyl albums.

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Centrepieces, Lighting, And Colour Scheme

For your colour scheme you can go with popular 1970s colours such as orange, yellow, pink, and greens while highlighting them with bright, almost fluorescent patterns and colours. Alternatively, you can focus more on the disco and use dark purples and blues as well as checkerboard patterns and loud primary colours.

Lighting is crucial to making a disco night come alive and you can really go wild here. Consider using lasers, lit panelling, large light bulbs, and chandeliers.

To make your light work here it will be essential to be in full control of it for when you want to transition from dining, to dancing, to presentations. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is by using lit custom centrepieces.

At Table Art, we specialise in centrepieces that use remote-controlled dynamic lighting; these can be used to bask your venue in a variety of colours and to have direct control of your party atmosphere. They can also work as a statement piece that ties your theme together, and what would work better here than our disco ball centrepiece?

Take a look at some of our previous creations for an idea of what can be done with a centrepiece.

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You Should Be Dancing

Many of your guests will never have experienced a true disco with all the music, funk, disco balls, and flares that it entails. Don’t be afraid of trying to recreate an authentic experience and be sure to celebrate what was so fantastic about the 70s.

It will take careful planning to ensure that your theme is sustained throughout your venue and that you are able to smoothly transition throughout the night.

If you want help making the 70s come back alive again, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can transport and install custom lighting, centrepieces, and furniture while making sure that everything goes off without a hitch.


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