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Golden Palms Lounge: A New Way

Golden Palms Lounge: A new way to do a Casino themed party…

The Grand Opening of The Golden Palms Lounge and Casino. Experience Vegas in the swinging sixties.

Restoring the heyday of the Rat Pack. Invite your guests to step back intime to one of Vegas’ most iconic decades. With decadent gold palm trees towering above and sparkling mirror ball displays rotating elegantly. Our styling will charm guests as they take their seats. With our new Casino Chip Martini Glasses and Gold Lamé Lampshades, each table will ooze the ritz and glitz of the sixties.

A unique approach to a Vegas theme. Hang with Elvis, Sinatra and all the other hip cats for a ‘Viva Las Vegas’ event!



True to form, the brainchild of Creative Simon Lockwood at the Brewery Venue. 2018 saw the Brewery Venue invite guests to the grand opening of the Golden Palms Lounge. The theme for that years Christmas Party Packages, these decadent soirees ran from November through to Christmas Eve. Welcoming guests withs retro cocktails at the bar, they enjoyed sumptuous food with the distinctive sounds of the Rat Pack serenading them. The beauty of this theme is that in its bones, it’s a traditional Casino theme. However, it has been turned on its head and is now a super chic way to do a casino motif.


The Brewery Venue

Table Art have enjoyed a strong creative partnership with the Brewery Venue for the best part of a decade. January rolls round and the Table Art team check in to the Brewery to see what the upcoming theme is. What a fabulous surprise, excited to see a resurgence in the Casino theme- the Golden Palms Lounge launched.

Now one of the coolest things about the Brewery venue is their investment in the highest quality graphics. Whenever they release a new theme, they have a set of visuals already prepared. Their vision for how the theme will look in their event space already laid out. This is an invaluable tool for our design studio. Using these visuals, they put together centrepiece and styling options to closely match what The Brewery have in mind.



One of the most striking elements in the visuals is the Golden Palm Props. Towering on high, they frame the two distinct event spaces. Having already installed our White Palms at the venue for an Electric Flamingo theme, we knew that this is a simple task of altering the palm colour. With a trusty bottle of high-grade spray paint, the studio set to task transforming the trees from a crisp white to a decadent gold.


The Table Centres

The original visuals for the concept featured our Fluffy White Lampshades. Although a fabulous choice, MD Gary felt that we needed something extra special for the Brewery Venue. With Golden Palm Props already pencilled in, the design studio felt that injecting gold into the lamps would be a great way to marry the two elements together. Sourcing out Gold Lamé materials, we worked with our friends at Tracy Adams Textiles to create our classic lamp in a gold finish. With a flourish of black boa, we completed the new Golden Palm Lampshade.

Martini Glasses immediately come to mind when considering a centrepiece for a Casino theme.  Certainly the case here for the Golden Palms Lounge theme. Visuals featured our classic Martini Glass but with a full branded Casino Chip. What a great way to both inject a sense of brand but to also strengthen the sense of luxury. No longer a simple Martini Glass, they are adorned with these vibrant green casino chips, all with the branding emblazoned front and centre. We do all customisation in house so if you would like your own custom martini chip, don’t hesitate to ask for a visual!



The Christmas Party Packages that the Brewery Venue offer are renowned. A flagship event venue, companies and individuals alike are all excited to see what the Brewery has in store for them year on year. We have the great privilege of helping the venue bring their creative concepts to life and the Golden Palms Lounge? Simply put, a real joy.

As with any installation, we start with the props. A two-man team assembled the gold palm trees and with instruction by the onsite team, placed strategically to frame to room. Then onto the lightning-quick process of putting the centrepieces together. All centrepieces neatly stored ready for the premiere night.

Join the Rat Pack

Simon and his team at the Brewery are masters of the Christmas Party season and are well versed in the way of Table Art. Knowing each centrepiece needs recharging at the end of every night, they have a dedicated team that clear the tables and put each battery into charging stations. Taking such great care with our designs comes with measurable benefits. Firstly, you maintain the design itself- keeping it looking as fresh as the day it arrived. Secondly, you avoid any replacement costs at the end of the season. Third and finally, by taking care of the batteries, you are ensuring reliability throughout the hire period.



Whether you are looking for a long term or single evening of hire, the Golden Palms Lounge theme is a fantastic choice. Guests will welcome a Casino theme but relish in the fresh approach. The Rat-Pack soundtrack will set the tone, and from there the centrepieces and props will only go to strengthen that. One of the best elements of this theme is the customisation available to you. From the chips in the Martini Glass to the height of the palm trees. No matter what the venue, we can adapt our products to suit.



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