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Glow Bubbles: Up, Up and Away

Glow Bubbles: Up, Up and Away

“We used Table Art for our event on Saturday. The Glow Balloon centres looked incredible and the team on site were a dream to work with!”

Georgia Robinson | AI Group

Farnborough International transformed for an event packed full of colour. For an awards show celebrating the great losses of the Cambridge 1:1 Diet, the hanger was a hub of laughter and joy. In keeping with the colourful collection of guests, the table centres added a pop of colour to every table. Our Glow Bubble table centres floated in a veritable rainbow of colours. DMX was utilized and worked in unison with the AV Lighting Design. With bright, bold hues, the event had a real fiesta feel about it. Together We Rise was the event motif and the Glow Bubbles were a perfect compliment to that.

We are thrilled to see our review pages build back up as events have revived through the Autumn. Georgia fabulous feedback can be found on our Google review page, alongside 150 other fantastic comments. We also have a TrustPilot page that is well worth a look.

A Riot of Colour

The Glow Bubbles are a fabulous choice for the large scale venues. Looking at giant hangers and epic conference centres can be an intimidating experience. Especially when you think of how to decorate effectively. You want to make the most of the height available and the hanger at Farnborough International offers a brilliant canvas for decorating. 

With all the structural detailing of the hanger, the Glow Bubbles are a terrific contrast. Super colourful against a galvanised backdrop, the orbs bring a sense of whimsy to an industrial look venue.

Joy Spectacular 

This event was to celebrate the great losses of those following the Cambridge Weight Plan Diet. The room was a powder keg of joy. People with new found confidence, celebrating a year of hard work paying off. The Glow Bubble table centres truly added to an already joy-packed evening. The floating orbs somehow reflected the jubilant tone of the eve.

Making the most of DMX

The client made the decision to upgrade to DMX and they made the most of the system! Running directly from the lighting desk, the AV team seamlessly integrated the centrepieces into their overall lighting design. Company branding was emblazoned across the screens and the orange and blue tones were pulled through into the table centres. As the evening rolled on, the DMX transformed the room from being on brand point, to something a little more disco style. With a chequered dancefloor ready to go, the DMX pattern change indicated to the audience that it was time to get to their feet! 

colourful table centres

DMX Continued…

Our DMX system is a fantastic choice for the larger scale events because it takes away the uniform and stagnant look that conference events are prone to. A hit with AV Companies, they love bringing the centrepieces into their overall lighting scheme.

Here the centrepieces mirrored the company logos in Oranges, Blue and White. Then seamlessly transitioned into ‘disco mode’ with pinks and purples to help get guests to their feet. The dancefloor was filled with delegates busting moves. They made the most of this joyous event by letting loose and enjoying every minute.

Large Scale Events

The Aircraft hanger at Farnborough is inarguably impressive. It’s sheer size is a real show stopper. Add to that the industrial lines and dynamic lighting, it makes for an impactful venue. The team always find it a thrill when they can drive the van straight into the venue and this was no exception. We were given our own hanger to prepare in. We are an usual site with a cloud of white balloons billowing from our hired van.

What a Night! 

This is an event love an event that is packed full of colour! This event was a joy to be part of and we look forward to working with the Cambridge Diet team again next year.

If you have your own event coming up and you want something colourful and creative, contact our team today.

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