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Glam Pods Takeover!

Glam Pods Takeover!

Exclusive glam pods for that special celebration.

Glam Pods are springing up across Britain. From pub gardens to hotel patios – they are THE answer to flexible covid-safe spaces.

The fabulous bank holiday sun got us all out and enjoying our freedom again. For those of us who chose to go away – you may well have noticed these futuristic glass domes dotted around the place. On a day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, I found myself admiring these beauties at ‘The View’ Restaurant. In the heart of Stratford’s recreation ground you will find three wonderous glass domes. They are ideal for the ever-altering guidelines of a post-covid world and have the added benefit of being truly beautiful.

Here we explore the growing popularity of these pods and show ways of decorating them for your own special event. We also highlight options for hiring your own pod from our Scottish Partners – The Blue Parrot Events Group.

Exclusive Parties

Each pod can accommodate ten people comfortably. When the hospitality industry was taking those tentative first steps, these glam pods catered for ‘Bubbles’ exclusively. The popularity of these Pods was born from necessity with events looking to accommodate household ‘bubbles’ in a covid-safe way. However, the result is a VIP vibe that is hard to resist.

The appeal is obvious. Firstly, after a year of being cooped up indoors, any opportunity to get outside is welcome! However, as the weather can be so unpredictable these pods offer all the charm of the outdoors but provide all the comfort and protection of the indoors. Secondly, they are stand-out beautiful. The mix of birch and glass gives them a distinctively Scandinavian feel and the dome architecture is almost otherworldly. Thirdly, they are on trend. Yes I know, its seems unimportant but in the world of Instagram influencers, trends can really make or break a new hospitality venue. During lockdown we saw Stacey Soloman and Tom Daley both utilized these pods for their own garden parties. The popularity has only grown as restrictions have lifted with people looking for that celebrity style insta moment.

Future Proofing

With talk of potential delays on the easing of restrictions, the hospitality industry is looking for ways to future-proof. One step is certainly the use of these pods. Being an enclosed space allows for you to host small groups without fear of covid spread. It allows a venue to control contact their staff has with the public. If you allocate one member of staff per pod for servicing, you limit the exposure to both employee and visitor. Better still, some venues are offering a self-serve approach. Creating buffet style stations within the pods, allowing groups to have a truly social experience while safe within an enclosed space.

Hiring Pods

What we have focussed on so far is venues who have already installed these pods but what if you wanted to hire your own? Perhaps you have a small wedding planned or family party? Well providing you have sufficient outdoor space then hiring these pods could be a great option! Our Scottish Partners- Blue Parrot Events Company have invested in these beauties and now have them available to hire.

Post-Christmas, in the thick if the lockdown- Blue Parrot Events found their clients desperate for a way to celebrate birthdays and engagements. Safety was of the upmost concern but with the emerging popularity of the glam pods, they saw a solution. Investing in a selection of these pods, clients snapped them up for garden soirees.

So let’s look at the spec, the glam pods are made from a Russian birch ply with a sapele finish. They are approx. 3.6m in diameter with a max ceiling height of 7ft sitting up to 10 people comfortably. These luxury glam pods are the perfect choice for an intimate celebration with family and friends.

Decorating Glam Pods

What we love most about them is how the décor options for these are endless. From a birthday themed Safari Party where you can fill the place with balloons and palm leaves. To an engagement celebration where the walls are decorated with ornate floral arrangements and the exterior lined with romantic lanterns. The only limit with these glam pods is your imagination!

The images featured here in this blog are from events we did back in 2019 for the Crowne Plaza Kensington. Over the Christmas period, the hotel installed a set of these glam pods as an extension to their restaurant. A high concept theme of Musical Icons, each pod was inspired by the greats. From Freddie Mercury to David Bowie- each pod was effortlessly cool. As you can see from the images, lighting was key. We installed our Swirl Table Centre to the heart of each pod. With strategic use of the DMX system, the lighting team at the Crowne Plaza created a fabulous light show every evening that amazed guests. The photographs speak for themselves- when these glam pods are decorated right- they are a winning addition to any venue.

A Canopy Under the Stars

As we edge closer to June 21st, we are all excited for a world without restrictions. However, if we have learnt anything from the past 18 months is that nothing is certain. As an Events industry, we need to be smart and put things in place that future proof our business. Glam Pods are one such step. They are the perfect venue option should things revert back and we are back to the world of ‘Bubbles’ and contact tracing.

Beyond that and arguably more important than that is their popularity. We all know in the events industry how important a trend is and these Glam Pods are certainly part of the current trend. Let us give our clients what they want and provide them with insta worthy glam pods that their friends and family will be thrilled to experience. If you are a venue that already has these pods and are looking to decorate – then our team can help you elevate the glam pods to the extraordinary! Or if you are looking to hire your own pod for a single event – then our team can help you build a pod from the ground up! Just contact our Scottish Partners- Blue Parrot Events.

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