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How to Get Maximum Impact with LED Table Centre Hire

How to get maximum impact with LED Table Centre Hire

Whenever organising an event, you want to ensure it is a memorable occasion for everyone. In this article I want to tell you how to get maximum impact with LED Table Centre Hire.

Over the past 5 years, LED table centres have become something of “must have” at all levels of events. From clear acrylic candelabras to the ultra-modern Pixel Tubes to the current trend for anything to with Greatest Showman such as Victorian Cabaret lamps, Ringmasters and Carousels etc.

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Keep it Fresh

Generally, you can only use a specific design of table centre once for each end client. Each event needs its own identity even when held one year apart. With everyone now using their phones to share pictures of their experiences, the lit table centres will always feature all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This means it is important to change the designs to keep the look of any event fresh and new looking to keep things interesting.

One of the main things when choosing a table centre is that the size is right for your event. Too big and the LED table centre can distract from what else is important at the event. This might be the stage performance and of course networking across the table. But if the table centre is too small it may fail to make an impact on the overall look of the event.

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Line of Sight

Line of sight across a standard round dining table is between 400mm and 600mm height. Try to avoid anything too big within this range on the table. It is best to either go with something lower than 400mm. Or, if you require something taller , keep the centre of the display as thin as possible. A low-level lampshade can be a great way to bring a warm cosy feel to any dining table. With a yellowish, warm white, traditional look, it can really bring a touch of class to any dining table. Or a tall 1.2m lampshade with just a slender 20mm clear acrylic centre pole can create a venue transformation very quickly and easily but with minimal interference to cross table conversation. 

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Obviously the advantage of LED table centres is the fact that they make a huge impact on not only the look and feel of a dining table but the look of an entire event at any venue. This can also be its biggest problem with the lit table centres distracting from what else is going on in the room that may be more important. We can resolve this problem  with our ultra reliable Eglow technology. This enables a lighting controller to completely control the brightness level and colour of each individual LED table centre at the touch of a button.

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Top 10 points to remember when choosing your LED Table Centre Hire

  1. Choose a design that is very different to previous years’ events giving the occasion its own look and personality. This will keep everything fresh and interesting every year. It’s often easier to change the look of each event than to change the entire venue every year.
  2. Check the size of the LED Table Centre and that the measurements meet your requirements. Don’t just go from pictures as these can be very misleading.  
  3. Check that the zone between 400mm and 600mm height is as clear as possible.
  4. Choose a colour that compliments or contrasts with your overall event lighting colour. All too often, events are lit with everything exactly the same colour and things can become a bit lost.
  5. Make sure that you use a reputable table centre hire company. Proper system checking for batteries, delivery in reliable vehicles, products in proper flight cases and professional crew are vitally important.
  6. Make sure that, when using glass and crystal, that your suppliers carry out a final check for fingerprints etc. These can sometimes only show up last minute when the event lights are dimmed and the LED table centres are switched on.
  7. Decide if you require DMX radio control for your LED table centres. For a standard party often a simple coloured Led is sufficient. Just keep in mind, though, that colours are limited to a basic range so for instance if you want pink it would be fine but if you wanted to adjust the mix of blue and red to get the exact pink, you would need DMX radio control. In addition, if you want to add bit of lighting drama to the venue or for awards ceremonies DMX is ideal. Or to incorporate the table centre LEDs into the lighting for the party at the end or black them out for an act or speaker’s performance on stage them radio control is essential for you
  8. If using DMX radio control make sure you brief the lighting operator properly. This should include what colours and effects that you are looking for. Do this in advance so that they can work it into the programming from the start.
  9. Consider battery life. Most events only last around 6 to 7 hours. This should be fine for most professional LED table centre companies’ equipment. However, if for some reason the LEDs are switched on earlier in the day for rehearsals or for taking pictures of the dressed event, make sure that they are put onto blackout for the rest of the day until the event is about to start to save the battery.
  10. Get a picture of your event with all LED table centres and props etc in place. Do this before guests arrive to use in your future marketing etc. It’s surprising how many events only have pictures taken on guests’ phones to remember what the venue looked like.

Consider all these points carefully and i guarantee you will get maximum impact with your LED table centre hire.

If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with the styling experts at Table Art for a free consultation.

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