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Be Ahead of the Trend: Table Art Online Journal

Be Ahead of the Trend: Table Art Online Journal

The Events Industry is fast moving, be ahead of the trends with the Table Art Online Journal telling you everything you need to know.

““Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”―Chris Grosser
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Inspiration at your fingertips… 

Blogs have been around for almost as long as the internet. A valuable communication tool, they are often forgotten and neglected on company websites.

Here at Table Art, we understand the value of communication and we can see the merit of a vibrant and exciting blog posts. That is why we have spent the last year busily building a team of writers to help transmit the latest from Table Art.

There is simply no better place to keep on the pulse of Table Art.

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You would imagine that coming up with Blog Post ideas would be a struggle. Not here at Table Art, there never fails to be a new product to showcase, or a new style to promote. We invest a great deal of time in making sure there is a weekly blog post.
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Table Art Mastermind Gary Martin

MD Gary’s sketches provide no end of inspiration for our Blog Planner Julie Whitehouse. She’s the head honcho when it comes to organizing the writers and setting the themes.
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Learn more about the team behind the Table Art Brand. To get a better sense of a company, take a look at those who run it. Why not connect with us on Linkedin? As well as reading our Table Art Online Journal. For instance, our engineer Jake Rheams:

“I love to explore unique and individual designs for events and centrepieces and am grateful to work with a dynamic and creative team. Many of our clients are creatively ambitious, wanting a specific idea or trust us to deliver something magical. Within our design studio, we identify the clients need and either bring to life drawings and examples they want, or draw out our own series of sketches to capture the imagination for the event.

I’m meticulous, time efficient and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I’m not afraid to work relentlessly to find the best solution.” – Jake Rheams | Linkedin Profile

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Take Confidence in our Service:

Amazing service

I’ve used Table Art for a number of years now and I cannot fault their service! The attention to detail from all members of the team is fantastic and the centerpieces are always a brilliant addition to our events. I would 100% recommend their services.”

Holly Hanrahan July 2019

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It is fair to say that MD Gary spearheads the topics of the blogs. Monday morning rolls round and Gary has a wealth of ideas to share with the team. Julie sets to task of laying out the best thoughts of the week and then getting those topics out to our team of writers.
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Delivering New Ideas Weekly

Our team of Blog Writers are a dedicated bunch! Connor is one of the newest members, Table Art’s Social Media Strategist by trade. Somehow he finds the time to compose a weekly blog, usually focusing on a highlight reel of products. Working in the office, Connor has a keen sense of whats up and coming. As a result, he’s keen to offer guides to customers, giving them building blocks for decorating the perfect event.
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A huge influence on our Table Art Online Journal is Gary’s sketches. Weekly, he get’s request from customers for the most unusual combinations. From a Giraffe wearing a top hat to a organic balloon display, the centrepieces are always suprising.
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Most importantly, for those of you that follow the Table Art Online Journal – you will be at the front of the Que for all that we have to offer. It’s always a thrill when we get calls following the weekly newsletter asking for the latest product. We reward our loyal customers with significant discounts and package prices.
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Table Art Writers
Huge thank you for keeping up to date on the latest from Table Art! We take great pride in our Table Art Online Journal and are determined to keep it fresh and interesting.

We love working with others on guest blogs so feel free to Contact our dedicated team  for a chat on how we can work together.

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