Blog / Full Moon Table Centres – The King of the Table Art Collection

Full Moon Table Centres – The King of the Table Art Collection

Full Moon Table Centres – The King of the Table Art Collection

Our Full Moon table centres have been a client favourite for many years now.

They’re probably our best travelled product (apart from lights of course)! A huge hit in the events industry, we’re not sure the popularity of the Full Moon will ever be topped.

To this day, we’re still receiving bookings of anywhere from 10 to 200 units of these; they’re perfect for events of any size or style.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at these beautiful centrepieces and explore why they are so successful.

full moon centrepieces
full moon center parcs

Clean Design

Whilst the makeup of the Full Moon may seem simple, it took some work to come up with. However even now, we still make slight tweaks to ensure they are as effective as possible.

With the old design, the Full Moon would slot into the top of the light boxes. However, due to their loose fit, some light would sneak out of the sides and whilst it worked, it wasn’t perfect.

MD Gary Martin, after some deliberation with our design team, decided to add a collar to the bottom of the table centres. In addition, we place rubber feet on the bottoms of the Moon itself. The problem was solved. As a result, we think it looks even better now than it did originally!

full moon centrepieces
full moon cbs arena

Spick & Span

As with all of our LED table centres, we go to great lengths to ensure our Full Moon centrepieces are kept sparkling clean.

Picking up bits of dirt and marks is just what happens to decor in the events industry. So, using specialist cleaning fluids, each product is scrubbed by our warehouse team until they are back in perfect condition.

Before they’re shipped, everything is checked twice over to make sure it’s as beautiful as usual.

full moon table centres
full moon led centrepieces

Size Doesn’t Matter

Whilst the Full Moon may be a low profile design, that doesn’t mean it won’t stand out in a large event space.

We don’t even need to give you reasoning for this – we have rock solid proof! Take this recent install at the Manchester Central Convention Complex for instance. The Full Moons shone brightly at the an awards gala and if you ask us, they stole the show (no bias we promise)!

Over 80 tables and yet our centrepieces still captivated guests across the room.

full moon table centres
manchester central full moon

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If you’re planning an event in 2023 or beyond, look no further than Table Art to provide your LED centrepieces and decor. We’re highly rated and pride ourselves on being the best in the industry.

We concept and design products for corporate events that are works of art. Giving the best service is at the heart of everything we do, that’s why our clients love working with us.

The team are waiting on your call. Get a free quotation today and get the ball rolling.

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