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Frozen Wonderland – A Party Like No Other

Frozen Wonderland – a Winter Themed Event

table art winter tree
table art winter tree

Choose ‘Frozen Wonderland’ as your theme. Think about all things frozen. A frozen wonderland themed event will not only be something different than what’s already happening out there but will also make your event an affair to remember for your guests.

But how are you going to plan the event? Where will the props, table centrepieces, furniture, and lighting come from? Do you think you can plan an event like this on your own? Of course not. You need experts by your side to help you plan the best party in town.

Thankfully, we have a team of experts at Table Art that have planned, executed, and managed such events before. Not only do we have professional experts, but we also have a wide range of props, centrepieces, and furniture options to choose from. In addition, our LED table centrepieces will add extra oomph to your event.

Here are just some of the options you can choose from when it comes to planning a frozen wonderland themed party.

ice point centrepiece
ice point centrepiece

1.     Ice Melt

Our Ice Melt table centrepiece is unique and special. It was Gary Martin, the MD of Table Art first centrepiece creation. And there’s been no looking back since then. The Ice Melt centrepiece is perfect for a frozen wonderland themed party. It consists of an ice sphere that sits on top of a stunning glass pedestal. The ice sphere slowly melts as the evening progresses. There are hand-carved icicles where ice droplets fall. Water droplets then drip into a pool of clear water present in a glass vase at the bottom.

This stunning LED table centrepiece enables light to reflect off the surface of clear water. Light will spread across the table, and it will add a striking look and feel to each table. The Ice Melt centrepiece will make your guests go wow owing to the attention to detail this masterpiece has in it.

christmas themed parties
ice melt table centre

2.     Ice Star

Planning a frozen wonderland themed party for Christmas or winters? Add an Ice Star table centrepiece to the setting, and you won’t believe how stunning the setting will look. Our Ice Star table centrepiece is elegant and shiny. It brings an aura of festivity to any occasion. The ice star can also be customised to include the number of each table. Not only does this stunning ice sculpture look amazing, but it also brings a functional brief to the event. A tall star stands atop an ice stand with LED lights flickering over it. Add this to your setting, and your guests will remember your event décor for a long time.

ice star centrepiece
ice star centrepiece

3.     Lion Ice Sculpture

Our Lion Ice Sculpture is truly a showstopper. It goes perfectly with circus-themed and frozen wonderland themed events and adds a touch of class to the ambiance. The LED table centrepiece will make your guests feel that they are a part of something phenomenal. The masterpiece is sculpted carefully and perfectly by our team. LED lights light up the sculpture, and you can see every tiny bit of its detail. Beautiful, elegant, and unique, add the Lion Ice Sculpture to your frozen wonderland themed décor.

ice table centres
ice lion centrepiece

4.     Snowball Vase

Our Snowball Vase table centrepiece adds a contemporary approach to your frozen wonderland themed event. It consists of a modern floral arrangement that consists of frosted shimmers. The stunning arrangement comes out from a beautiful and elegant vase. This arrangement is regal, elegant, and dynamic. Whether it is a magical theme or a Christmas party, you can add it to any event to lift the mood and feel.

5.     Ice Bar Front

Want to add more details to your event? Include our Ice Bar Front. It looks like ice, but it is actually acrylic panels. So you don’t have to worry about the ice melting and the venue getting all wet. The careful manipulation of LED lights makes it look like a bar front made of ice. Your guests will be in awe of the attention to detail you’ve put into the décor of the event. Our ice bar front is definitely a head-turner.

winter display bar
winter display bar

6.     Snow Trees

Most frozen wonderland themed events are close to Christmas. If you are also planning one for the Christmas or any time of the year, you can also add our Snow Covered Trees to the Venue. Place them in different corners of the venue or the entrance. It gives a forest-like effect along with the stunning remote-control LED lights that add fine details to it. It also adds a dramatic look and feel to the event. Unique and striking, the Snow-Covered Trees will make the venue look truly magical.

winter tree snow
winter tree snow

7.     Icicle

Add our beautiful Icicle props to your venue to make it truly look like a frozen wonderland. These simple yet creative props add an icy effect to the event. They can sit in clusters of three to make the setting more magical. Otherwise, you can also use them one piece at a time. These icicle props make for the perfect backdrop for your event. You can also hang these from the ceiling to create an even more dramatic effect. The best part is that your guests will be in a frozen wonderland without actually feeling cold. LED lights light up these icicles and make them look magical. Add this to your setting, and your guests will be in awe of the décor.

table art icicle prop
table art icicle prop

Get Help

Planning a frozen wonderland themed event is not an easy job. There is so much to do that you can’t do alone. It is best to have a team of experts by your side to help you out. Get the best props and furniture for your frozen wonderland themed party from our team atTable Art. We are the UK’s best bespoke décor experts. Our stunning event décor will light up your events and make them the talk of the town. 

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