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Go Modern with Lit Floral Table Centres

Lit Floral Table Centres are the Modern Centrepiece for Events

Floral table centrepieces are timeless. They look stunning and elegant and add the right amount of colour to the table. They have been used for decades and are not going anywhere any time soon.

While the basic floral table centrepiece consists of a vase with flowers, it is not really enough any more. If you want to arrange a perfect event that the guests will remember for a long time, then you need to invest your time and efforts in finding the perfect floral table centrepiece.

At Table Art, we have made it easy for you to choose striking and unique floral table centrepieces. They are nothing like the usual flowers in a vase. In fact, they have been carefully designed and created by experts. Together with perfect lighting, your table centres will be the centre of attention at your event.

Here are some of our best floral table centrepieces to choose from:

1.     Effloresce

Effloresce is one of our best table centrepieces. It has an effortless beauty and looks striking at any event. It consists of a glass vase with delicate silk blossoms spiralled beautifully inside it. Effloresce is one of the few floral table centrepieces that go equally well for both corporate events and weddings. It is one of our most popular centrepieces. Together with the perfect LED lighting, it creates a magical look at the centre of each table.

Blossom Table Centrepiece Effloresce

2.     Blossom Fish Bowl

Blossom Fish Bowl is a stunning floral table centrepiece. It consists of a classic fish bowl with blooming cherry blossom arranged inside. The beautiful pastel-coloured flowers are given the perfect hues with LED lighting. It creates the perfect ambiance for your event and makes it memorable. The Blossom Fish Bowl is a minimal arrangement but looks beautiful and elegant. It is also unique and not something you see every day at events.

3.     Blossom Tree

Blossom Tree floral table centrepiece is nothing like your regular floral centrepiece. The beautiful and elegant flower arrangement gives romantic vibes which is why it is quite popular for weddings. The flowers have fuchsia hues and are wrapped in romantic fairy lights. These lights literally make the flowers twinkle, making it a sight to behold. LED lights light up the arrangement from the bottom, giving it stunning shades. Beautiful, timeless and stylish, our Blossom Tree floral table centrepiece is a great choice for intimate events.

floral glass centrepieces
table art blossom tree

4.     Flower Air

If you want to add a unique floral table centrepiece to your event, then opt for our Flower Air centrepiece. It is nothing like the usual floral centrepieces you see at different events. Our Flower Air table centrepiece is a piece of art. It consists of beautiful orchids suspended inside a glass cylinder. Your guests will be in awe of the amazing décor and the attention to detail you have put into your centrepieces. After all, they are the centre of attention at each table. With LED light falling on the arrangement, the glass cylinder with flowers suspended mid-air looks absolutely spectacular.

5.     Lily Vase

If you want to keep it simple and old-school, opt for our Lily Vase. It consists of a towering glass vase with stunning lilies interwoven with grass and monstera leaf. The vase is fluted in shape and gives an elegant and sophisticated look and feel. It is the perfect combination of conventional and modern floral table centrepieces that will make your guests go wow. Together with perfect lighting, our Lily Vase floral centrepiece is a great choice for any event.

lily vase table centres lit

6.     Birdcage

An epitome of grace, sophistication and elegance, our Birdcage floral table centrepiece is a great choice for intimate events. They are perfect for dinners, weddings and other events. They have a vintage glamour to them and will add a romantic touch and feel to each table. Birdcages are low-level centrepieces and can be placed with or without flowers. It depends on your preference. We will light these centrepieces up with the right amount of lighting which brings out the beauty of these stunning centrepieces.

7.     Flower Float

Just like Flower Air, Flower Float is also minimalist yet stunning and spectacular. It adds sophistication to any setting and will be a showstopper for your event. It is one of our most popular table centrepieces. Beautiful flowers float mid-air in a glass cylinder. What makes the arrangement truly unique is our LED lighting. We add the perfect amount of colour and hues to each cylinder. As a result, the arrangement looks heavenly and the flowers look like they are floating inside the cylinder. Opt for this beautiful table centre and you will not regret your choice.

Flower Fountain contains all the elements of a fine English garden. It is sophisticated and glamorous at the same time. It consists of a fluted case with stunning blooms cascading out of it. The result is an enchanting table centre that your guests will not be able to help but admire. You can opt for any coloured light to light up the floral arrangement. It looks like you have brought the garden from outside to inside. The rustic charm and elegant beauty of this floral table centrepiece will make your guests excited about the event. It is ideal for formal corporate events, as well as romantic intimate ones. After all, who doesn’t like flowers on their tables?

Choosing the right floral arrangement for your table centre can be a daunting task. While you can easily pick a simple glass vase with flowers in it, it is not enough to create the perfect ambiance for your event. If you want to make your event memorable for your guests, then you must put time and effort into the decor.

Opt for one of our floral table centrepieces. They are elegant, stylish and modern. They are lighted using LED lights and create the perfect ambiance for your event. You can mix and match and choose the ones that suit your theme the best.

If you want help designing and creating your  event entrance, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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