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Fire and Ice Event Planning: How to create maximum impact.

Fire and Ice Event

How to create maximum impact…

When planning Fire and Ice event decoration, we must always consider the 3 main areas that will give the highest impact to guests.

                 1.  Entrance area

                 2. Stage area

                 3.  Tables


Often overlooked, the entrance to the main room is the first area that sets the mood for the guest experience. This makes it really important as an area to create maximum impact.

Create a lot of effect with not too much expense by adjusting the lighting to suit the occasion. Not too dark to be dangerous and not too light to kill any special effect created. Combine twisted acrylic and stretch white fabric with ice blue and aqua lighting, for amazing ice effects using very little effort. An amazing effect can be created with white inflatable entrances that are internally lit. This will give a really cost-effective Ice Hotel type walk through. However, with the flick of a switch the lighting can transform the room from an icy white feel to the orange glow of fire.

twisted flame table art


The stage is clearly an important area to create an impact because it is a focal point in the main room.

Stage sets can be draped with giant hanging white icicles and fabric forming a spectacular 3D ice backdrop. Or a flaming inferno when lit in the right colours. Dry Ice or heavy smoke can complete the effect as guests arrive.

pixel string post


The tables take up most space in the room and therefore need to be a vital part of the decoration. I would recommend white as the colour to work with on this theme including white chair covers. Sometimes it is best to keep these simple and elegant and avoid details like bows etc. They can make the event slightly like a wedding. Table centres are the item that is right in front of guests eyes for the entire dinner so are hugely important. For this event they can be anything from the beautiful Ice Melts with real ice melting into a clear glass vase to the ever popular Twisted Flame. These can be lit in icy colours but can be changed by radio control to a burning fire effect. This wil change the entire look of the venue.

winter branch tables

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