Blog / Why Table Art Is The Budget Smart Choice For The Expert Event Planner

Why Table Art Is The Budget Smart Choice For The Expert Event Planner

Why Table Art is the budget smart choice for the expert event planner

Why Table Art Is The Budget Smart Choice For The Expert Event Planner

According to Eventbrite’s 2017 Pulse Report, the average budget spent per event in the UK is £70,774. Professional event organisers are averaging £126,398, medium to large businesses £119,655, small-to-medium businesses £60,982, charities £25,343 and freelancers £21,493.

Regardless of the budget, 40.6% of event organisers are focused on the drive for efficiency and ways to reduce costs. This was considered the most important trend to be considered for this year.

So when money’s on your mind, how can you ensure that your event is budget smart? And yet still, how can you create an unforgettable experience?

Table Centrepieces Are The Missing Ingredient Your Event Needs

Let’s put our cards on the table. We believe table centrepieces are the most effective way to make your event stand out as an unforgettable experience, whilst managing your cost and efficiency closely. They are the missing ingredient that drastically increases the visual and emotional impact of your event. What’s more is they can be achieved at a fraction of the overall budget.

You’d be forgiven if you thought we were biased in our assessment. We are. But it’s this belief we’ve seen repeatedly outplayed up close, and subsequently have built, capitalised on and grown a successful global business providing Table Art for events that give us that confidence to state it.

Triple ice bucket table art centrepiece any expert any planner can utilise

What Is It That Makes Table Centrepieces So Cost-Effective?

It’s simple. It boils down to science.

Table centrepieces are strategically placed in the middle of the table in front of guests. In the field of vision for guests 80% of the time, it’s impossible not to make an impression. Your guests comment on how stunning they look, take sharp intakes of breath, and as the MC steps up onto the stage, the table art dims and they comment on how beautiful the room looks.

There’s nothing else that has this impact for such a comparatively low cost.

Table Art Is Smart For Your Marketing Budget

87% of event planners say they are definitely looking to use social media for their events. A further 11% saying they may do so. Only 2% said they would not be using social media. Additionally, this year, 65% of event planners say they are planning to increase their use of free social media. 62% will increase word of mouth marketing. 52% will increase Influencer relations. 50% will increase email, 45% will increase paid social media, and 43% will increase content marketing. Table Centrepieces affects all of these, as an increase in sharing photos from events is felt across the industry.

For instance, when someone sees a feast for the eyes, out come the phones for the selfies and group shots. These photos and updates get posted on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. They can then be utilised in content campaigns later on. We base a lot of the thinking of our designs around what will get people sharing and our Table Art and signature pieces achieve that at each event.

Table Art centrepiece to brighten any event for an expert event planner

Different Types Of Table Centrepieces Available

Table centrepieces can tastefully complement a themed event, providing a standout feature people talk about. We call this, along with our other lit-themed props, event styling. Reinforcing the uniqueness of your event, Table Art plays a key role in creating lasting memories for many years to come.

We’ve a wide range of Table Art event styling available and you’d be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t fit your event. From Mad Hatters to Football, Steam Punk to Halloween, we’ve got the most extensive range of centrepieces and other lit-themed props. Additionally, if you decide that you want a modification of an existing design or to have a design built from scratch, our designers can make you your very own design. Get a sneak peek at our different styling ranges.

Transportation & Set Up Costs

Often event companies will hire in individual signature pieces, which can be bulky, take up a lot of room when transported and therefore be expensive. We’ve engineered and designed unique Table Art and Event Art that not only creates the stunning impact but does so professionally with budget and transportation in mind.

Our Table Art is designed with flat pack transportation, enabling it to be transported in smart flight cases. This means that our team can assemble it quickly on arrival. As a result, we can typically transport double the quantity of other event prop firms, increasing the visual impact without the same level of additional expenditure. As our team knows how to assemble quickly, with each item fully tested before leaving the depot, there’s no setup or hassle needed for the organiser.

Mad Hatter table art centrepiece is always a big hit for the expert event planner looking to make an impact.

Final Words: Maximising Your Event Budget For The Expert Event Planner

These are some of the reasons that in order to be budget smart, it’s important to get Table Art to help you. We can streamline costs, increase social media engagement and create an unforgettable experience. It’s based on 30 years of experience. But don’t just ask us, talk to some of our customers to hear of their experience.

Call us on +44 1926 831357 or reach out to us here.


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