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7 Ways to Make the Most of your Event with Social Media

7 Ways to Make The Most of your Event with Social Media

 In this blog we will show you 7 ways to make the most of your event with social media.

Don’t forget to captivate & inspire your guests using social media techniques.

Social Media use is often an overlooked technique when producing events. Guest engagement is key in making the night a memorable one.

When a photo or post is uploaded to social media, it becomes a permanent, digital memory for all to see.

Below you can find tips from our social media team on how to make the best use of social media for your event.

selfie booth props

1. Hashtags

Make sure your event has a relevant, catchy hashtag for you to use on social media. Not only does this allow guests to upload and view each other’s photos, but it means you, as the hosts, can interact with your guests and suppliers.

This makes the event feel special and important for all involved. Make those memories last a lot longer. Communicate with your guests, share their selfies with your followers & promote your business!

twisted flame centrepieces

2. Challenges

Challenges are another fantastic, original way to get your guests engaged and involved in your corporate event.

One great idea is a selfie competition. If your party has props, exuberant lighting or beautiful entrance features, this is perfect for you. Ask your guests to take selfies, using your event’s hashtag, perhaps offering the winner of the best selfie a prize related to your business.

centrepieces for corporate events

3. Breath-taking Décor

When hiring decorations for an event, it’s the impression they make on the guests that is the most important thing. It’s all well and good choosing something that looks nice and is fairly common. Why not push the boat out and go for wild, extraordinary décor?

This will not only blow your guests away, but it may encourage them to take photos and spread the word of your event. Here at Table Art, we’ve got a wide variety of products that we feel suit this category.

rio brazil statue event


From the Statue of Liberty, to Superheroes to Moving Eye Masks, the                               statues we offer at Table Art are guaranteed to add the WOW factor                                 your event needs.There’s a whole world of statues available on the                                   Table Art website. Don’t hesitate, take a look for yourself.

Think about it, what guest wouldn’t want to take a selfie with our Christ the Redeemer prop, or even our huge Inflatable Elephant & Balloon.

circus event ideas

Entrance Features

Entrance features are so crucial in making an impression on your guests.                         They’re the first thing they see as they enter the room and will certainly get them talking. Again, something colourful & ‘out there’ is the ideal option to get people talking about your event. Just some of the entrance features we can offer include Branded Lit Panels, Red Carpet & Pixel Posts, Inflatable Tunnels, Bunting & much, much more.

bunting decoration events


Give your guests a break! Sometimes, especially during busy drinks                                 receptions, people just want a sit down. This is the perfect opportunity for                         them to access their social media platforms and spread the word about                           your event. Our team can provide a number of event furniture options, such as LED Cube Seating, LED Bar Stools & Sofas, all of which can be set up and derigged by Table Art’s event crew.

outdoor event furniture

LED Table Centres

Our specialist area, this is the décor style which will make the most impact. Sat just 1 metre away from all guests for the whole event, Table Art’s lit centrepieces promise to catch the eye and ignite the imagination.

Some of our most popular choices include the Exploding Confetti Balloon,                        Cabaret Lamp, Swirl & Pixel Tube. However, with over 140 designs on our website, there are so many options available.


4. Selfie Time

The ultimate way to gather photos from your event is to hire Table Art’s selfie booth. Complete with a Lit Poseur Table, selfie sticks and a host of props, you have everything you need to create an exciting and hilarious setting to capture lasting memories for you and your guests.

These photos can, of course, then be shared to multiple social media platforms as a permanent reminder of a fantastic event.


5. Communication

Communicate with your guests! So many party-goers will take selfies, photos of the room, videos of performances and awards ceremonies etc. Here at Table Art, this is something we do consistently on our social media platforms, in order to build a stronger rapport with clients and guests, as well as to get feedback on our products.

Why not thank them for their posts? Retweet the best ones and reply to some too – let them know their efforts are appreciated. Not only will it make those particular guests happy, but it’ll encourage others to do the same. This will increase exposure of the event and your company!


6. Supplier Photography

Many suppliers, Table Art in particular, will take photos of their products at your events (with your permission) for use on social media, company branding and other websites.

By encouraging your suppliers to do this and giving them information on particular hashtags and accounts to tag when posting, yet again awareness of your event spreads and the wider public will gain an interest in your party & brand.

Click here to take a look at our Instagram account to see just a handful of our event photography from previous work we’ve done.

frosted christmas tree hire

7. Venue Tagging

Don’t forget to geotag your social media posts and tag the official account of your venue into posts, particularly photos.

This exposes your posts to a wider audience, not only of venue & event staff, but of previous and future visitors & suppliers to that particular venue who will be thrilled by the quality of your event.

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Are you looking to host a party that everyone remembers for a long time?

Want to be the talk of the town for planning such a successful ball?

Well, look no further. At Table Art, we have years of experience organizing events. Our experts will make sure that everything is in place and as per your plans. The ambiance and décor will come together perfectly and make it a night to remember for all your guests.

Get the best props, furniture, lighting, and accessories for your event with Table Art. We are the leading bespoke décor experts in the UK. Our event décor is the talk of the town, and we help make our clients’ event a raging success.

Need more ideas? Let us help you make your events the best ones in town.

Get in touch now to know more!

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