Blog / Event Table Centres – Table Art’s Most Revolutionary Designs!

Event Table Centres – Table Art’s Most Revolutionary Designs!

Event Table Centres – Why Table Art’s Designs are the Future!

Here at Table Art, we’re constantly coming up with new, revolutionary ideas to take the events industry to the next level.

Not only have we set trends with our stylish new designs, but we’ve also had to react to the ever changing landscape of the industry. It’s these experiences that have led us to where we are today – the number one supplier of event table centres.

In today’s blog, we’ll go through some of Table Art’s most revolutionary ideas over the years, whilst also looking to the future and what our plans are going forward.

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Ice Melt

The Ice Melt is the undisputed godfather of Table Art’s collection of event table centres. Not only was it MD Gary Martin’s first ever design, but it was the centrepiece that changed Table Art’s world.

On top of a 60cm glass vase sits a carefully sculpted ball of real ice. As your event goes on, the ice slowly melts into the vase below, which is also fitted with hyper-realistic acrylic icicles for an extra touch of class.

After just a couple of outings, the Ice Melt’s popularity sky rocketed. From this point onward, the world of event table centres had changed forever.

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Tall Mirror Ball

Another stalwart in the Table Art collection is our Mirror Ball table centres. This design has always been a popular one – if you think of a disco, the Mirror Ball is one of the first things to come into your head!

As always though, we wanted to offer something different. As with every one of Table Art’s event table centres, we needed to give it our own touch of creativity. That’s where our acrylic legs come in.

Not only do these works of art allow the Mirror Balls to sit tall and proud across the room, but they also light up in your chosen colour thanks to our powerful LED lights, which are also available with DMX technology to create stunning effects.

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Pixel Tube

This next centrepieces is the absolute king when it comes to the use of DMX lighting technology. The Pixel Tube features 16 ultra-bright LEDs inside an acrylic tube filled with highly reflective crystals for the ultimate lighting effects.

The possibilities are endless. Colours and patterns can flow up and down each tube or even across the room at the touch of a button. Head over to our YouTube channel to see these stunning event table centres in action.

Who controls them is up to you. Most clients prefer to give control to their AV team, for whom we’d simply provide a transmitter with simple instructions. However, we also have our own trained technicians available to give you the end product you’ve been dreaming of.

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Tiffany Lamp

Great Gatsby and Art Deco themed events have grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years. We already had some fantastic options when it came to event table centres for this style, but as always with Table Art, we needed to take it to the next level.

First came the Cabaret Lamp. This red fabric table lamp with eloquent black trim became ultra popular. Next up was the Tiffany Lamp collection. These are absolutely perfect for a Roaring 20s party.

In the correct setting, they’ll simply blow your guests away. One of our favourites is in the Ballroom at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane. This beautiful Art Deco setting is complemented by our new Manhattan Lamp table centres.

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Ice Point

Last but not least, our most recent invention. For months, MD Gary Martin wanted to step up our game in the department of ice table centres. This is where he thought of the Ice Point. To make it possible, he turned to his son, Table Art’s Sculptor & Artist, Joe Martin.

Together, the father-son duo came up with the stunning Ice Point. These fantastic event table centres have delivered the WOW factor Table Art promises up and down the country.

Its first outing was for The RAD Awards 2020 at Grosvenor House, London. They were a huge hit, both at the event and online and they fast became one of our most popular designs to date.

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The Future

Looking ahead, we’re busy preparing for the return of the events industry, hopefully as soon as possible!

We can’t wait to be back at the Table Art unit, working together to help create more memorable events. Plans are already being put in place to ensure that we’re ready as soon as events start up again.

If you’re planning an event and would like a quote on our table centres or event styling, please get in touch.


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