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Best Event Table Centres

Event Table Centres

A master class in how to make the best of your Event Table Centres. With strategic use of Event table centres, you can make maximum impact with minimal effort.

We want to show you how to make Event Table Centres work for your event. From the various designs available to the technology utilized, we illustrate how Event Table Centres elevate an event. Here at Table Art, we are market leaders in Event Table Centres. We have an unrivalled design range that makes the most of DMX technology. With the simple press of a button, a room can be illuminated in brand colours, themed palettes, or even Disco style.

Table Art are here to show you how easy it is to hire Event Table Centres. We pride ourselves on service and we make sure that the process is smooth from start to finish.

“Table art were fantastic at our event!  They got on with their job efficiently and were friendly making sure we were happy with all positioning and colour effects etc. Also, a big thanks to the team for organising everything for us beforehand, we knew exactly who was coming, at what time and what their contact details were which made for a very smooth transition. We would definitely use them again for future events!”

Olivia | Chance Organisation

led table centres

Make a Statement with your Event Table Centres

It can be overwhelming when tasked with choosing décor for an event, especially when it comes to theming. Scrolling through endless pages of props and furniture can be maddening. Rather than load a room with cumbersome props, why not bring the theme to heart of the Table? One place you can guarantee a guest’s attention is at the centre of a table. Which is why it’s important to make Event Table Centres your priority.

By selecting Event Table Centres you have brought your theme/décor to the forefront of your clients attention. The dream for any planner is the idea that as guests walk in, you hear a chorus of ‘WOWS’ and ‘This is amazing’. Well one way to guarantee that is by booking Event Table Centres. Picture this, you have your tables set out immaculately and in the centre of everyone is an elegant lit table centre that not only cements your theme, it surprises and delights your guests. It is little wonder that planners are now focusing their energies on Event Table Centres before all other event style considerations.


An Unrivalled Collection of Event Table Centres

Choosing the right Event Table Centres for your event is critical. You want to make sure it’s the truest reflection of the event. So, you need to have a catalogue of options to choose from. Table Art have an unrivalled collection of centrepieces with over 150 different designs. Not only that, but we also offer bespoke services, making Event Table Centres to your exact specifications. We have successfully created custom Event Table Centres for groups such as Coca Cola, Volvo, BBC and Sky.

When it comes to choosing Table Centres, you have three routes. The first is something themed, for which we have something to suit every brief. The Second is a brandable option, something customised to your event. Thirdly is simple and classic, just a design that elevates the event without being a distraction.

volvo centrepiece

The Original Event Table Centres

Did you know that we are the originators of the LED Event Table Centre? Back in 2005, MD Gary Martin created the Ice Melt Table Centre. Running an Event Décor Company at the time, WOW Events. Gary saw a need for lit Event Table Centres – something that wasn’t just a floral decoration. With the help of the team, they utilized lights they already used in props and created a light on a small scale. Working their magic, they brought this together with a glass vase and ice orb, and the Ice Melt was born. Making its debut at Gary’s wedding – the Event Table Centres were a hit with guests! The rest they say is history…

All we will say is that Wow Events then became Table Art Ltd as the interest in Event Table Centres took off! Bringing our LED Event Table Centres to events across the Globe, we go from strength to strength.

ice melt centrepiece

Table Centres utilizing the Best Technology

Once you have selected your Centres, it’s time to consider the lighting. Now we offer two options, the first being our standard E Glow 3 Light. With the simple use of a remote, you can set each centre to a single colour. This can be great if you have a set colour theme in mind and want to just keep things simple. Setting them one colour and sticking with that for the duration.

The second option is where things get a little more exciting. We have Table Centres with DMX. Ideal for those looking to make multiple colour changes throughout the festivities. The DMX system syncs the Event Table Centres. You can alter the colour at the touch of a button! Transitioning effortlessly from a dinner setting to something a little funkier for the entertainment.

Our DMX system can be run one of two ways, the first by an onsite AV Team if they are happy to run them. We simply provide a transmitter so they can patch it directly into the lighting desk. The second option is our team can run them from a laptop, which is only included if you opt for the ‘Full Service’ delivery option.

Here in this video, you can see the DMX system in action, with a little explanation of how it all works. Look and be amazed at what our Event Table Centres can do!

Make your party one to remember with event table centres from Table Art. Contact us today for more information on 0845 521 1234 or email

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