The Advantages of Table Centre Hire for your Event

The Advantages of Table Centre Hire for Your Event

It has become clear over the last ten years that the concept of lit table centres is here to stay. With ever growing popularity, more and more event organisers are turning to table centre hire as the main decor choice for their events.

Of course there are many advantages to lit table centres themselves but for event organisers and venues, being able to hire them is a huge advantage. 

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Firstly let’s look at the advantages of using lit table centres for your room decor. Each centrepiece sits in the middle of the dining table directly in front of guests’ eyes. This is perfect for branding and getting a message across. If your event  has a theme, the table centre can depict this and fill the room with this theme. When guests enter the venue the theme is duplicated over and over across all the tables. Add to this the effect of lighting on each one and the impact is huge. In particular when you add DMX . This creates stunning effects.

Lit table centres can work in sync with the rest of the room lighting. Who would have thought that a table centre could create such a huge effect?

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Why Table Centre Hire?

For most event companies and venues, it is not really an option to own a complete range of their own designs and lights. This can be for several reasons. Centrepieces need to be protected in bespoke flight cases which is both prohibitive with cost and space. Even to stock a couple of designs in low numbers does not really fulfil clients’ needs as they will want variety for repeated customers. It also limits events to smaller numbers. To hold a stock of 15 centrepieces, for example, means any event with more than 150 guests cannot be catered for.

Of course, it is not only the designs that take up space. The lights and batteries themselves need to be charged and maintained. Companies like Table Art have a whole warehouse with full time staff for manufacture, maintenance and charging. Clients are generally no longer happy to have a small candelabra thrown in with venue hire. Table Centres have become an integral part of room decor and lighting. With advancing technology, clients’ expectations are evolving and they expect more. 

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Event Table Centre Hire gives you the opportunity to offer a vast range to suit your clients’ events. It might be tall, in a high ceiling venue, or short where the stage needs to be in full view. Whether it needs to fit a theme or just be elegant and classy. It may need to be modern or Art Deco. Even your own bespoke design is possible,.The options are endless if you come to a Table Centre hire speciality company such as Table Art.

High Standards for Table Centre Hire

The only worry for event companies is ensuring that the hire companies standards are at the level that event organisers would expect for their clients. As long as they are, there is no better way to give end clients value for money. At Table Art, we have set the industry standard for table centre hire in the UK and Europe. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in this field globally. We are constantly innovating and inventing new products and designs to keep up with the ever changing and improving technology available through audio visual companies.

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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