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Event Table Centre Hire – Mesmerise Your Guests With Table Art

Event Table Centre Hire – Mesmerise Your Guests With Table Art

Event table centre hire is the future of the events industry.

Here at Table Art, our team of designers are constantly planning and crafting new products which are sure to take the world by storm!

From the classic Twisted Flame to the brand new Ignite, our range of LED centrepieces is always growing.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the favourites in our collection and hopefully give you some event table centre hire inspiration.

event table centre hire
windsor candelabra table centres

Ritz Lamp

A new addition to Table Art’s collection of event table centre hire options is the Ritz Lamp. Available in Low and Tall formats, we have an option for every event planner.

With the tall version, two powerful LED plates will illuminate your guests table all evening long. Both are controllable by DMX lighting technology for double the stunning effects!

If you’re looking for something that keeps sight lines clear, then the low version is the way to go. Due to its shorter nature, only 1 LED plate is required but it’ll still blow your guests away.

event table centre hire
ritz lamp table centrepieces hire

Ice Point

Real ice lit centrepieces are guaranteed to take your breath away. Carefully designed and hand-crafted by our very own Joe Martin, the Ice Point is an absolute treat for your guests. 

Frozen water in a stunning pyramid shape, secured by a plastic water catch box. You can even add branding to the transparent catch box for a personal feel. Event table centre hire will never be the same again. 

Contact our hard-working office team today for a free quotation ahead of your next show.

event table centre hire
ice sculpture centrepiece venue

The Numerator

Our numbered LED centrepieces not only provide stunning visuals, but make your guests’ lives easier! The Numerator is one of our more simple event table centre hire options, but still produces gorgeous results.

Made from acrylic and designed in our eco-friendly workshop, these illuminated centrepieces are guaranteed to catch the eye of each delegate around the table.

For an extra unique touch, use our IR remotes to set each table to a different colour. Just ask our crew on site and they’ll follow your instructions.

event table centre hire
the numerator led centrepieces

Star Vase

A true awards ceremony masterpiece. The Star Vase is one of our finest lit centrepieces. A carefully sculpted Lily Vase filled with water beads and topped with two golden stars. This creates an array of light like you’ve never seen before.

Event table centre hire is an evolving market, but this centrepiece is a classic. An ever-popular design which is still a big hitter in our collection.

Drop your guests jaws thanks to our beautiful LED boxes which sit below every table centre. These are battery powered and last for hours on end for your reassurance.


A complex centrepiece design, but one that can be seamlessly put together by our crew. Not to mention just how good it looks in the centre of a dining table!

The Summit takes event table centre hire to a whole new level. We see it as a personification of the infamous Shard building, famous for being the tallest building in London.

Again, this is a centrepiece that can be branded or have table numbers printed to captivate your delegates even more. Mix in our brilliant DMX lighting technology as well and you’re in for a treat.

event table centre hire
summit branded sas events


This is the definition of a Table Art classic. The Blaze has been adorning tables at events across the UK for years now and is a winner every single time. 

Hand-crafted to perfection by our talented crew, each centrepiece is created to produce stunning effects. Twisted acrylic with added ridges and bumps allow the table centres to catch the light beautifully.

This is one of the best in our range when it comes to event table centre hire. We also have similar designs in the Swirl & Twisted Flame – take a look and see if you prefer those instead.

event table centre hire
blaze led table centres

Not seen anything that takes your fancy? Not to worry, we have over 120 designs in our collection for you to chose from. Click here to see them in all their glory.

Table Art aren’t just about providing spectacular designs. The key is in the detail and our service is unmatched. Check out our Trustpilot reviews and see what our clients think.

We’re waiting on your call, so get in touch today for a free quotation.

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