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How Event Software Can Help Create Unforgettable Experiences

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How Event Software Can Help Create Unforgettable Experiences

This is a guest post written by Alex Carter from Zkipster. Zkipster is the premier event management software of choice for event professionals worldwide for online invitations, guest list management, and event check-in.

When you’re focused on creating an unforgettable experience for guests, often your thoughts are on the most visible items.

Finding a beautiful venue, crafting the itinerary, making sure the decor is just-so for the perfect Instagram shots.

But one of your best tools in making the perfect visible experiences is what kind of less visible tools you’re using behind the scenes. Here are three ways your event software can help that you might not be utilising.

Deliver A Stunning First Impression With Online Invitations


Olivia Smith, savvy Event Manager at Push PR, perfectly sums up the goals of the first impression: ‘Everything needs to be slick, quick, and look professional’.

Guests start forming impressions the moment they receive their invitation. Imagine how you feel when you’re about to open a gift: curious, excited, and very attentive.

Invitations are the same way. It’s your event’s debut moment to wow potential guests with a beautiful introduction. And modern event software can help create impeccably designed online invitations that are on-brand, and let you do it without the heavy lifting.

So take that first impression to heart as you craft it because your recipients certainly will.

Eliminate Stress At The Door With Seamless Check-In


We’ve all been there.

The opening you’ve been waiting for rolls around, and your excitement is at a peak. Until you arrive at the door and see a line stretching around the corner of the venue.

It’s true: Guests don’t really care if you’re using Excel, paper and clipboard, or a check-in app.

But they do care whether they stand in line for 20 minutes, filled with FOMO, or whether check-in seamlessly feeds them into the event before they have time to think about it.

Equipping your event staff with a reliable and high-quality guest list app is the best investment you can make in keeping lines short and guests happy at the door.

From our own users, we often see check-in times per guest as low as 2 seconds.

And some guests even like seeing a high-tech solution, because it’s another subtle way that feels like the event cares enough to invest in quality for every little detail.

Personalise Experiences With Organised Guest Data

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At a live event, personalised experiences are king. Michael Moore, Director of Events and Tours at Christie’s, relies on guest data to select the right guests for the different luxury events that Christie’s organises. Moore explains that with digital guest databases, Christie’s can “filter [guests] based on the category of art we’re promoting at the event, [guests’] zip code, and their interest level,” and curate a guest list unique to each event.

Your event software is your number one guest list management tool in this regard. Keeping guest information organised in structured fields, even down to details like food preference, and synced up with your invitations and check-in makes it easy to draw together a lot of powerful information into one place.

And don’t forget: Your guest data is only as good as it is accurate. Keep a clean and updated guest list database, and your tools will be well-equipped to help you create unforgettable experiences every time.


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