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Making an Entrance at Your Event

Make an Entrance memorable for your event

Your event entrance is the first thing that will make an impression on your guests. Many event planners spend a lot of time organising the interior of the venue but forget about the entrance. You can blow your guests minds with a great entrance and they will be excited to see what else is in store even before they enter the main venue of the event.

But choosing the right entrance features can be a difficult task. Different events require different kinds of entrances. Some need to be very formal while you can play around with different ideas in other types of events. Whatever type your event may be, it is important to pay attention to your entrance. Just a little effort can go a long way in making your event successful.

At Table Art, we have the best entrance ideas and features to choose from. We have everything you need to make the entrance to your events awesome. Whether it is a formal corporate event or a fun night, we have different options for you.

Here are some of our best entrance features that our customers love. They are very popular and are widely used by our customers for their different events. Let’s take a look at them. Pick one of these and make your event entrance as memorable as your event.

Branded Lit Arc

Choose our Branded Lit Arc for  your entrance. Not only do they look amazing but they also give you an opportunity to display your brand. We can custom print the arced panels which are perfect to light up difficult spaces. Make a dynamic entrance with several of these to make the guests feel like they are walking through a tunnel. 

Choose Branded Lit Arcs for your corporate event entrances and make a great first impression on your guests.

prop logo events
prop logo events


Arranging a fun event?

If you want to make the entrance of your event colourful and festive-inspired, then our Bunting is a great choice for you. It will be a charming addition to any event entrance and will excite the guests as soon as they enter the venue. We can customise the bunting as per your needs. Pick the colours and shapes of your choice and our team will make custom garlands for you. Just hang them at the entrance and you are done.

Bunting gives a carnival look and feel to any place. If you want your guests to feel the atmosphere of your fun-filled event as soon as they enter the venue, then Bunting is a great choice.

bunting events table art
bunting events table art

Pixel String Post

Want something modern and unique for your event entrance?

Opt for our Pixel String Posts. This stunning entrance feature will make your guests go wow as soon as they enter the venue. Standing at two metres tall, they are very captivating. The posts are draped with a white string which lights up in different colours using LED lights. Different colours falling on these posts make them the centre of attraction of your guests. Whether you are planning a formal event or a fun one, these posts will work well for all kinds of events.

pixel string post
pixel string post

Inflatable Tunnel

Inflatable Tunnels are one of our most popular and in-demand entrance features. The stunning contemporary design is ideal for any modern-day event. The tunnel has a luxurious finish and is great for all kinds of events. Your guests will be impressed as soon as they walk through these Inflatable Tunnels creating a great start to the event

inflatable party props
space table centres

Light Tunnel

Choose our Light Tunnel entrance feature if you are looking for something effortlessly chic and dramatic. It will set the mood for a thrilling evening and your guests will love the attention to detail. This stunning entrance feature is a white stretch tunnel with amazing lighting.. The tunnel can be lit in any colour of your choice. It is also available in black which looks super-chic and classy.

lit tunnel

Red Carpet

Some events call for an extra touch of class. If you are arranging such an event, then you need to put extra effort into the event entrance. Opt for our Red Carpet with chrome posts and ropes for your event. Whether it is a corporate event or an awards night, our Red Carpet entrance will give your guests a warm and glamorous welcome. It will make your guests feel like VIPs which will excite them for what’s to follow. Give your guests a true sense of luxurious celebrity lifestyle by giving them a Red Carpet entrance to your event.

table art red carpet
table art red carpet

Branded Lit Panel

Another great entrance feature for corporate and formal events is our Branded Lit Panel. These come with full LED surround. You can use the panels to advertise your brand. It builds a strong brand presence and gives a great image of the company. These lit panels will also make for a great background for photos. Customise the print on the panels and add them to your event entrance. Your guests will love it.

office award ceremony venue
branded lit panels

Make your event entrance count

These were some of our most popular and brilliant ideas for event entrances. You can pick any of these that you like, depending on your event theme and purpose. As said before, don’t neglect your event entrance. It is the first impression of your event on your guests. Try to make it the best one.

Table Art offers a wide range of event entrance features. You can also get entrance ideas and props for different themed events. We can also customise the entrance features as per your demand.

If you want help designing and creating your  event entrance, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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