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Event Bunting: Hire Bunting from Table Art

Event Bunting: Hire Bunting from Table Art 

Table Art offers the best event bunting in the business, time to raise the flag!


We are a festival loving nation. Therefore, it is no surprise that event bunting is big on the list of must-haves for an event planner. Importantly, it is an inexpensive way of making a statement, bunting is an effective styling choice for your next event. As a result, here at Table Art we have become masters of all things event bunting. We have all your needs covered: from custom colour combinations to branded flags- there is nothing we can’t bunt!

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Summer rolls around…

The enquiries come in for event bunting styling. A favourite time of year for the Table Art Team. The Warehouse transforms with a flurry of colourful bunting. Consequently, it’s all hands-on deck as the team cuts thousands of metres of ribbon to deliver the custom orders that prove so popular.

This blog features some of our biggest event bunting projects and walks you through the process. To sum up, do you have an event coming up that needs an injection of colour? This blog on bunting is well worth a read.

Rio Carnival Event Rio Twist

Get Creative

Our design studio always encourages creativity. That is to say, the team is driven by a passion for design look to push the field at every level. That includes the finer details of event décor, including event bunting. As a result, it is their determination that means we have an unrivalled range of bunting styles.

Beginning with the Traditional…

Firstly, starting with your more traditional triangular event bunting, visions of the village green are brought to mind. So popular on vintage style events, the retro print fabrics perfectly suit the look. We move onto our Ribbon style bunting which was inspired by the favellas of Rio. Rough cut ribbons in a rainbow selection have proven to be one of our most popular styles. Finally, we have the draped effect bunting. Again, utilizing the rainbow colourway, this is a simple ribbon display that offers a big impact. Popular on LGBTQ events, we imagine it will go onto be popular for NHS celebrations.

bunting design prep

Custom Brief

Above all, we work primarily on custom briefs, clients looking for something a little different. Often it is as simple as matching an events brand colours. To clarify, we simply ask the client to pick the event bunting style and then source fabric to suit their colour references. This is a great choice for companies looking to use the bunting year on year. Moreover, we offer hire packages that include annual storage and reduce rates for multiple hires.

Bespoke Prints

For those trickier event themes, we have the custom print option. We can design and print custom designs and transform them into your choice of bunting. In other words, no matter how odd the theme, we can create an event bunting style to match.


Looking to deliver a strong sense of brand at your event? Branded Bunting is the way to go! Again, we utilize a custom print package but this time featuring your chosen logo. We can print your logo direct to the bunting flag and it make the company fly! Offering double sided prints of the logo, there will be no angle that clients won’t get an instance sense of the company. With no limit to the number of logos, the only limit will be your imagination. 

bunting design table art

Supplier Partnership:

Tracy Adams Ltd

Tracy Adams Ltd is a textile manufacturing company. Found right next door to our head offices here in Leamington Spa. They are our partners in crime, a partnership that has flourished for well over a decade. MD John Woodworth of Tracy Adams and our own MD Gary Martin are firm friends that work together to create textile-based props for the event industry.

The primary business of Tracy Adams is the manufacturing of top-quality household textiles. They do everything from Aprons to duvet sets. They are such prolific workers that we can say with confidence that you probably have something in your own home stitched by John and his team.

Event Bunting…

It was John’s growing domination in bunting sales on Ebay that sparked Table Art to take a closer look at bunting for the event industry. With the growing trend for festival themed events, it was kismet that John and Gary came together on this. With John’s expertise in bunting manufacturing and Gary’s passion and contacts in the industry, it was a match made in heaven.

tracy adams sewing

A Warehouse Takeover

Summer rolls around and bunting season begins! Doing the last of the stock checks in May/ June, Rob and his team clear the warehouse floor- making way for all things event bunting. It is all hands-on deck as both the office and warehouse team come together to deliver the orders. Much like the Christmas rush when things get busy- the office empties and the two teams come together.

For the simpler bunting constructions, such as the Ribbon Style bunting- the Table Art team get making! Cutting out lengths of ribbon. The team group the cuttings into their respective colours. Next stage sees our team running back and forth, running the cord in and out of the warehouse racking. Now the base is set, the team grab their coloured pieces of ribbon and start a production line of knotting. Simple yet time consuming, we can pass whole afternoons platting metres of ribbon.

Images taken from the Tracy Adams Instagram account. Click to follow the latest from Tracy Adams.

Complex Constructions…

For the more complex constructions, such as the triangular or branded bunting – then we head over to John and his team. At the Tracy Adams offices, designer Adam orders the custom print branding. This branding is layered out on yards of fabric and once printed, gets cut into shape by the team. Looking out into the factory floor you see an army of seamstresses working on industrial sewing machines. Furiously stitching out thousands of metres of bunting, this is where Tracy Adams excels!

Whatever the style…

No matter what the style, Table Art have a failsafe storage system to get the bunting to an event. The nightmare scenario being a tangled mess on arrival to a venue. The team have produced rolls that keep the bunting both tangle free and smooth. No insight wrinkles to worry about either. The bunting will look immaculate once in draped by the team.

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Time to raise the flags!

With all the hard work of the team done, it is now the final step of getting the event decorated. Arguably our favourite part, we get to see our efforts pay off. Communication is key at this stage. For that reason, our sales team would have spoken to the venue in advance. They aim to get a plan in place before arrival. Knowing where the client envisions the bunting is THE priority.

Once on site, our onsite team should now have a room layout plan in hand. At least direction notes to follow. Checking in with the venue manager, they make a start on the installation and get it completed within the timeframe set. Making final checks with the client, looking for the client to give the green light.  Just a couple of images to take and then the team head off site for the duration of the evening. 

bunting events table art

Bunting: The Final Flourish

Event bunting is not to be missed off your ‘must have’ list for the upcoming event. An inexpensive addition to your decor that can add much needed vibrancy and colour. With Table Art offering such a wealth of styles and colour combinations, we are the group to come to for all your event bunting needs. 

Our team are ready and waiting to take your call and help you with all your Table Centre Hire and Prop needs. 



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