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Electric Events – Our NEW Electric van


Electric Events – Our NEW Electric van

With the drive to go green becoming more important, we are proud to introduce our new electric van for event deliveries! CLICK HERE or the photo above to see our van in action! 

We decided that the right van for us was the fully electric ID Buzz Cargo. Range was the biggest issue for us with most of our events being in London, Manchester and Liverpool and around the U.K, as we needed a range of over 200 miles.


Small but spacious

We plan on using the van for events of up to 30 table centres, instead of using our usual 3.5 tonne vans and be much more environmentally friendly whilst doing so. The ID Buzz has already been on events – with a range of 260 miles range with a full load! We look forward to further improvements for electric vehicles, and for larger vans to be available with a similar range.


Great for events – great for the environment

As we travel around the country for events, we are building our knowledge of charging points – with a favourite location so far being Beaconsfield Services. With our crew being so ‘on-the-go’, it is a necessity for us to find and use fast-charging points.

This eco-friendly vehicle is a step in the right direction towards reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment. We’re excited to offer a more sustainable option for our customers and contribute to a cleaner future.


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