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8 Best Ways to Dress your Event with Event Tree Hire

8 Best Ways to Dress your Event with Event Tree Hire

Always looking to bring you great ideas, we have come up with 8 best ways to dress your event with event tree hire.Wherever you visit in the world, one of the first things that define where you are and the climate of the area, is the foliage and the trees. However this is not always easy to replicate for your event. Being quite tricky to move economically, trees can be expensive and difficult  to install successfully. The answer to this problem is the design. It is important to ensure that we can fit everything into flight cases.. This means we can transport everything easily and safely without any damage.

Trees are the perfect shape for draping thousands of twinkling lights for a beautiful effect. We can then match these lights by radio control to any colour scheme or corporate colours.

1.  Natural-Coloured Palm Trees

These can be free standing or suspended from hanging points or trussing. The natural colour looks best lit with amber and green up lighters. Bringing an air of the tropics to any event, they can be extended from a minimum height of 2m up to a maximum of 5m where ceiling height allows.

Caribbean, French Riviera or Mediterranean event theming.

tropical palm tree prop

2.  White Palm Trees

These reflect the coloured light of any event lighting beautifully. White palm trees have a traditional palm tree shape but with the real contemporary twist of being entirely white in colour.

Hollywood, Art Deco or Black and White theming.

white palm tree prop

3.  Gold Palm Trees

These sparkle and shine beautifully with event lighting colours. The gold colour really adds some bling to any event space. Standing at anywhere between 2m and 3.5m they really make a big impact in any event room.

Las Vegas Golden Palms, Gold, Billionaire, Dubai themed events.

gold palm tree prop

4.  3D Blossom Trees

Standing at 3.5m tall, these natural looking blossom trees can be customised to fit into any event space. They can be positioned to fill any space in an imposing but beautiful way. The look can be further enhanced with coloured up lighters. Adding the sound effects of birdsong brings the feel of spring from the outside in. 

Alice in Wonderland, Spring, English Country Garden theming.

blossom tree prop

5.  Snow-Covered Pine Trees

These trees that fit inside each other for transporting look fantastic in clusters of 3. They can stand from 1.8m up to 2.4m  height in any combination.  Ideal to create a small snow covered wood converting any event into a winter wonderland in a very short time.

Christmas, Aprez Ski, Scandinavian, Frozen, Icelandic, Narnia, Winter theming.

christmas tree prop

6.  Autumn Tree

The Autumn Event Tree is a beautiful tree full of colour. Create a tree-lined pathway or just bring the feel of the countryside indoors. Using Autumnal coloured uplighters enhance the effect of these authentic looking trees.

New England, English countryside, Woodland.

autumn tree prop

7.  Halloween Tree

The Halloween Tree has no foliage and creates a spooky feel. Looming overhead it can look quite eerie. Add to the effect with uplighters for a truly enchanting experience.

Halloween, Enchanted, Magical, Wizardry.

8 Best Ways to Dress your Event with Trees Hire

8.  Winter Tree Table Centres

One of the best ways to bring the outside in with trees is with the table centres. A huge effect can be achieved with every table centre just 1m in front of every guest. it is easy and often cost effective to put a winter event tree at the centre of every table. This will create the feel of dining amongst the trees in the woods. With these up lit or dressed with radio controlled twinkle lights to sparkle like stars or fade like swirling snowflakes, the effect is complete. 

winter tree centrepiece

If an event planner wants more than just the trees to create the perfect look, we have poseur tables with printed cloth covers that perfectly match many of the themes. These are a great prop that is also a cocktail table. Great in any bar area or around a dance floor for guests to leave their drinks while they party under the twinkling trees. 

I hope the above 8 best ways to dress your event with trees helps to inspire your next event.

If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with the styling experts at Table Art for a free consultation.

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