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Dress a small event with big effect – Table Art’s Guide

Dressing a small event – Table Art’s Guide

At Table Art, we specialise in making centrepieces that will fill your venue with dynamic lighting and match your chosen theme. By placing just a few props and table centres strategically, any event space can be given the look that you want.

Table Art recently dressed a small event space, for a private party for 60 people. The brief was to give the room a classy art deco feel which we achieved using a mix of lit printed panels, and large but raised table centres.


Table centres & prop list:

6 x Lit, printed panels

2 x Poseur plinths with rotating mirror balls

11 x Fluffy lampshades


Planning a small event?

Planning an event for less than 100 people? The first thing to do when planning the event dressing of is to measure the space that you have available. Make sure that you know where everything is going to go as in serving stations, bar, entertainment, dance floor, dining tables, cocktail tables.


Check ceiling heights, fire exits and power point positions, don’t forget to check if the power is being used by anyone else like the bar or caterers or entertainment, photo booths etc. Check for the best access to the event room including lift sizes, and make sure that there are no time restrictions for bringing equipment out at the end of the event.


Once everything has been checked it’s time to get creative! Ask your client what they are trying to achieve, and be prepared to steer them in a direction to help them realise their vision.

Do you need direction with your next event? You maybe have a theme in mind, but you’re not sure what would work best?

Contact the team today for a no-obligation quote, and check out our Instagram for the latest news on events.

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