Blog / DMX Table Centres – Technology That Will Transform Your Event

DMX Table Centres – Technology That Will Transform Your Event

DMX Table Centres – Technology That Will Transform Your Event

At Table Art, we’re always pushing the boundaries. That’s why we designed our DMX system – to take every event to the next level.

DMX is the future of corporate events and parties. Long gone are the days of dark, monotone event spaces. Table Art is the way forward!

This technology allows event planners to truly make the most of their themes and colour schemes. Not only that, but guests will also be intrigued and certainly impressed.

Let’s take a look at our DMX system and show you what it’s all about!

dmx table centres
table centres rainbow

What is DMX?

DMX is our radio-control system. Each of our DMX table centres connects wirelessly to a transmitter which we provide your AV team with. We prepare everything in our warehouse prior to delivery, so all they have to do is plug it in and everything is connected!

From here, your AV team have complete control over colour, brightness and power on the LED centrepieces. The possibilities are endless!

dmx table centres
dmx pixel tube vine

What can it do?

What can’t it do? It’s a super-smart system and you really can achieve anything. Of course, there are effects which are more popular than others but you can do anything to suit your event theme.

For example, you can make each of the DMX table centres flash, strobe, dim or change colour at the touch of a button. When operated on a mass scale, you can completely change the vibe of your event.

For those planning an awards ceremony, we have the perfect solution for you. You can pick out tables with our DMX system. This means that for each award, you can make the winners’ table centrepieces flash. This highlights the winner to everyone around the room and really makes them feel special!

full moon design

What if we don’t have an AV team?

Not to worry! Our crew are all trained to use our DMX system. This means we can control the DMX table centres for you. All we ask for is a table plan and running order in advance so we can ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Is it eco-friendly?

Of course! At Table Art, we pride ourselves on being as kind to the environment as possible. The only difference between our standard LED lights and our DMX table centres is a different plate on top of the battery pack.

Can we have waves of colour?

Yes! Not only are the DMX table centres link to the transmitter, they’re all connected to each other. If you let us know in advance, our warehouse team can set up your bespoke patterns prior to shipping. This makes everything 10x easier at the venue.

Does it work with props?

Yes, yes and yes again! Notably the Pixel Tree and Poseur Tables. We think they look fantastic at any corporate event. We’re always adding to our collection, so keep an eye on our website.

dmx table centres
pixel tree dmx

Thanks for reading today’s blog. We hope you now have a better understanding of our DMX table centres and how they work. Any further questions? Get in touch.

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If you’re ready to request a quotation, contact us today. Just give us your venue, date and theme and we’ll do the rest!

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