Blog / DMX Lighting Technology – The Cost-Effective Way to Illuminate Events

DMX Lighting Technology – The Cost-Effective Way to Illuminate Events

DMX Lighting Technology – The Cost-Effective Way to Illuminate Events

colourful awards table centres
blaze dmx lighting centrepiece

Are you looking to captivate and inspire guests at your event?

DMX Lighting is a brilliant way to just do that.

With Table Art, booking centrepieces for your event has never been easier.

Since the idea of DMX technology was born in 1986, its use has become much more prevalent in the events industry.

Nowadays, guests want to be blown away by sudden, dramatic changes in atmosphere. The use of DMX lighting technology is the perfect, most cost-effective way of doing so.

Our table centres light up with ground-breaking DMX powered lights. This addition to your centrepieces is available at just £10 per unit excluding VAT.

Remember, each centrepiece is within 1 metre of every guest in the room. We can assure you that this technology will bring the WOW factor you’re looking for.

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk you through the best effects that you can use to change the mood of your party in an instant.

multi colour bunting
rio twist centrepieces

1/ Dimming

This technique is perfect for an awards ceremony. Anticipation is always high during an awards evening – why not raise it a notch higher with brilliant DMX table centre effects? Wait for the drumroll and then lower the centrepiece lights. When the award is announced, we can turn them all back on again or even just the table centre on the winner’s table, if you’re feeling adventurous!

medium swirl led table art
medium swirl led table art

2/ Strobe DMX Lighting

Let’s say you’re hosting an event to celebrate the launch of a new product. Create tension and excitement as your guests wait in anticipation to see the reveal. To galvanise them more, as the product is displayed on the big screen, you can use DMX lighting to have the centrepieces flash in multiple vibrant colours. This will certainly impress as it shows the work and level of detail that has gone into planning the event.

balloon event decor
table art glow bubble centrepiece

3/ Bespoke Pattern Programming

One of the more basic, yet still awe-inspiring features of DMX lighting is the ability to have each light in the room displaying different colours at different times. At just the click of a button, you could even have them change colour all at the same time! Another popular choice is to have changing, alternate colours. The lights, throughout the evening, could switch between any colours you like, either constantly or intermittently all night.

dmx sphere centrepiece
dmx sphere centrepiece

4/ Waves of Colour

A more complicated version of the previous technique, you can have colours move in waves across the room. This is guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests, who won’t be able to keep their eyes off the centrepieces all night. Techniques like this work well particularly for parties in larger rooms, where attendees can watch the waves of colour flow across the venue all evening.

dmx table centres
table art dmx centrepiece

5/ Pixel Effects

When choosing your table centres, Pixel Tube variations are certainly one to keep in mind. These brilliant products come with DMX lighting as standard and really allow you to take advantage of the brilliance of DMX. Due to the height of the Pixel Tubes, you can watch on in awe as your perfect colour combinations flow up and down the tube. Our variations of the Pixel Tube centrepiece range include: Tall Pixel Tube, Mini Pixel Tube, Pixel Vine, Pixel Crystal, Pixel Crystal Ice Bucket, Pixel String & Pixel String Star.

pixel tube event decor
pixel tube event decor

So, what’s the key thing to remember about choosing DMX lighting for your table centres? By choosing DMX, you’ll be utilising to the maximum the ultimate position at any event.

As mentioned earlier, each centrepiece is 1m in front of every guest’s eyes. Don’t overlook the importance of this product – it really could take your ball to the next level.

We also have a YouTube video, with a more in-depth breakdown of how our DMX lighting technology works:

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