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Creating a Unique Home Office

How to Guide: Creating a Unique Home Office

Let Industrial Furniture Art help you create a unique home office set up to spark a fresh approach to working from home.

The past year has brought drastic change to our working habits, many of us now working from home. Back in March 2020 we all made the best of the situation and set up temporary home offices. Some of us without sufficient space found themselves using dining tables, ottomans, and trunks as temporary desks. A year later we might still find ourselves sat awkwardly at these make-shift desks. It’s time to make a permanent change and invest in a perfect home environment that will keep us inspired and dedicated.

This blog is the ultimate ‘how to’ in forming a unique home office. We ourselves at Table Art have spent the last six months building up Industrial Furniture Art and through our customers we have seen some fantastic ‘glow ups’ on home offices.  Here we start with the basics and run all the way to the finer details, the result of which will be a beautiful home office.

The Location:


The hunt for the perfect space has been made infinitely easier now the kids have gone back to school. Without the chaos of home schooling, you can now dedicate your time to work and take a moment to get that desk set up perfect.   

Environment is key. How can you expect to be productive when you find yourself working from the laundry room or cupboard? Pinpoint a space that isn’t being fully utilized. Perhaps there is a bedroom that’s just become a junk room? Or a corner of the Livingroom that once cleared of clutter would make the perfect spot for a desk? You might have to negotiate with flatmates or your partner but once an area is carved out, it will be well worth the hassle.

A hot tip is to make sure you find a space with natural light. Often a number one feature employees are looking for from their office environment. Beyond the benefit to natural sleep patterns, natural light significantly reduces headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision. For those of us tied to a computer, the benefits to our health are an important consideration.

The Basics

  1. Desk

Now you have you space picked out, its time to get the measure of the place. Taking accurate measurements is key to a stress-free office set up. Grab yourself a measuring tape and as the adage says, you want to “measure twice and cut once”. Once you have the measurements noted, its time to get the perfect desk picked out.

Time to pick your desk…

Head over to our website and explore the range of desks on offer. Handmade to suit any space, each individual piece will look perfect in any room. Each is made from pine planks which are sanded, stained, and then varnished to give the perfect rustic look, then the black metal ‘hairpin’ legs are added to compliment this look. With a depth of 45cm and a height of 74cm, they are available in various widths from 100cm to 160cm. Available with either a dark oak stain finish or the reclaimed finish. Your measurements now in hand, you can pick the ideal desk size from our catalogue. Can’t find something to fit? No problem at all, just call our team and we will hand craft a desk to fit your space like a glove.

  1. Well WorkStation

As much as we envy those beautifully styled home offices you see on Instagram, they don’t always scream functionality or wellness. What you want from your home office is style, function, comfort, and health benefits. It might feel like shooting for the stars getting all that ticked off but trust us, its all achievable.

Now you have a fabulous desk…

…that been built to your specifications, you need to consider how you interact with the desk. If you are like me and spend vast amounts of time looking at a computer screen, your posture is vital. We have all had those days where we can’t tear ourselves away, so we need to look after how we position ourselves. Gone are the days where you are sat for eight hours, health experts have been warning us for years that is going to have a detrimental effect to our quality of life. As a result, the standing desk has come to fruition and spawned many variations. Firstly, rather than getting an insanely expensive desk with a complex system of levers and pulleys that raise up the desk, the Well Workstation is a smarter and more stylish solution.

Secondly, positioned on top of your desk, your laptop or tablet fits perfectly on its completely height adjustable ledges. With no set positions, the Well WorkStation can be adjusted to the exact right height for you. So consequently, the Well WorkStation works perfectly whether you prefer to sit at your desk or find standing a better way to work. Importantly we have worked with guidance provided by Osteopath Terry Emery – with wellness is at the heart of this design.

The Well WorkStation is made from 15mm Plywood and this lightweight material means the station is ultra-portable and thus convenient. With Birch wood material and rounded edges it gives a Scandinavian look which is always popular with interior trends.

The Details

Putting it all together…

Now that you have the perfect desk set up, you want to style up your space. With the strategic placement of plants, desk tidies, and prints, you will have an instantly ‘Instragable’ home office. Above all, our best tip keep things simple and beautiful. 

Industrial Furniture Art has been born through an Etsy business account @IndustrialOfficeArt. So, over the past six months we have had the great pleasure of interacting with fellow Etsy Sellers and seeing fabulous handmade products. Moreover, we highly recommend this as a starting point for both inspiration and purchase. Here we look at some of our favourite Etsy sellers. Covering everything from plant pots to desk tidies – all have been selected to perfectly match the rustic industrial style that our desks epitomise.

Ellie Loves Plants | @ellielovesplants

Ellie Loves Plants is fabulous Etsy shop filled with irresistible pastel loveliness. These beautiful plant pots are hand painted with quirky patterns ranging from fried eggs to cow prints. The petite plant pots are ideal for brightening up your desk space. 

AIM Studio Co | @AIMStudioCo

AIM Studio Co is built on the idea of creating beautiful, personal workspaces that motivate and inspire. Whether it’s adding a touch of greenery with a simple desk plant or staying organised with planners and calendars, these little things can make a big difference! AIM Studio has a stunning range of products that will give a wonderfully chic look. 

To sum up…

We hope that this blog has given you an easy to follow guide into creating the perfect home office. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the fantastically creative offices pictured on Instagram and Pinterest. However by following this simple breakdown of home office elements you can simply tick of the steps one by one and the result will be a home office you are proud of. 

In addition, we would like to thank the wonderful Etsy Sellers that agreed to feature on the blog. We encourage our readers to like and follow their pages and most importantly- buy their products! 

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[Image Description: Meanwhile, Betsy makes good use of our monitor stand, doubling up as a very handy kid’s bench.]

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