Blog / Corporate Event Planning: 7 Reasons Why Table Art Should Be Your Corporate Event Planners

Corporate Event Planning: 7 Reasons Why Table Art Should Be Your Corporate Event Planners

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Corporate Event Planning: 7 Reasons Why Table Art Should Be Your Corporate Event Planners

At Table Art, we pride ourselves on being different. We believe that event styling is an art form: one which has room for as much creativity, storytelling, and visionary designs as any other.

We want to change how people see events and what can be accomplished in one night of transformation.

In this article, we’re going to make a case for why Table Art should be your next corporate event planner with seven simple reasons.

1. We Have A Decade Of Corporate Event Planning Experience

If you’ve heard of the Ryder Cup, the Sports Personality of the Year Award, the MOBOs, or the MTV Europe Music Awards, then you’ve heard of some of the events we’ve helped style.

For over ten years, we’ve been leading the way in the event industry with our meticulously planned events and audacious designs. We have specialist lighting engineers, seasoned event coordinators, and a team dedicated to building and designing props.

We’ve worked with organisations in a wide variety of industries from sports teams, to museums, to global corporations. No matter how wacky or wonderful a request is – we can make it come to life. Take a look at some of our recent events here.

new york centrepiece

2. It Is Your Vision

Table Art can take care of styling your corporate event, setting everything up, and making the night run smoothly, but it’s all based on your vision.

We have a precise consultation process that begins with us understanding your needs and what you have to work with. Together, we’ll pinpoint the atmosphere you want to create, the ideal venue for the big day, and how your event should unfold.

Our style experts can help guide you and can explore how to transform your ideas into a design that guests will remember for years.

dream circus grey elephant

3. Our Truly Unique Centrepieces

For some event planners, the centrepiece is an afterthought. For us – it’s the heart of your venue, it’s where your guests are naturally drawn, and it’s where everything unfurls from.

All of our centrepieces are made in our eco-friendly workshop using high-quality materials. They can be wild and extravagant or they can be delicate and wonderfully subtle. They can add new textures and heights to a venue you didn’t know possible.

When we say that they’re custom – they truly are. They can be built to meet your specification or theme and there is ample room for branding. Take a look at some of our past creations to see what’s possible.

lumenbloc chair

4. Effortless Installation

Sometimes our designs can be big and the task of getting them transported and installed to your venue can seem even bigger.

Table Art has you covered here. Many of our designs are built to be flat-pack friendly and we have our own fleet of vans and vehicles to get your event set-up or taken down to your exact timescale.

Our team of engineers will make sure that all electrical equipment is in perfect working order and we can make set-up effortless. We don’t just know how to operate wireless lighting set-ups – we’ve built our own.

feather lamp

5. We Create Fantastic Marketing Opportunities

Events are no longer just about what happens on the day. They’re about the buzz building up for weeks or months beforehand and all the sharing that goes on afterwards.

A well-designed event can help define what your brand looks like and it is the perfect place to share it with the world. Your logo or style can be built into the furniture, decorations, and centrepieces you choose.

With Table Art, your event is sure to delight and amaze guests, and the memories of it will light up social media for weeks to come. Our photographers can help to make this happen and we can work directly with any marketing team to integrate the event into your branding strategy.

table art led arc

6. We Are Masters Of Furniture, Decorations, And Lighting

When it comes to decorations – we’re not just talking about balloons and floral displays. We’ve built space shuttles, elephants suspended from the ceiling, and life-size statues of fantasy characters.

Our workshop is open to making custom furniture for your event and they can come in a range of materials or with inbuilt lighting. We can match it to your theme or bring out your personality, whether it’s plinths, stools, couches, drapes, tables, chairs, or something completely unique.

We have a wide range of dynamic and wireless lighting options. These can help to complement your venue or work as a very cost-effective way to instantly change the feel of your event.

led cube hire

7. We Will Make Your Theme Come Alive

We think that the theme you choose for your event is limited only by what you can dream up. We don’t just want guests to get a taste of your theme – we want to take them into a different world.

In the past, we’ve perfected timeless themes, invented props and furniture for impressive feats of imagination, and put fresh, sophisticated twists on beloved favourites.

Whatever audience or atmosphere you are looking for – we will take your idea and run with it.

table art masquerade vase

Corporate Event Planning: Making Your Corporate Event A Memorable Experience With Table Art

If you are looking for a dedicated team of event designers and planners who are pushing the limits of what the event industry can do with corporate event planning, then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation today.


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