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This Is The Greatest Show! – Circus Themed Table Centres

This Is The Greatest Show! – Circus Themed Table Centres

The Circus is one of our favourite event themes here at Table Art. We have a range of circus themed table centres for the occasion.

The extravagant nature allows for the very best decor at every party. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll take you through a few of our most popular options when it comes to Circus themed table centres. Furthermore, we have hundreds of designs to choose from, so don’t just limit your vision to this blog.

circus table centres
the best centrepieces

Red & White Umbrella

Talk about extravagant, our red and white umbrella table centres will blow your guests away.

They use the traditional Circus colours. These Umbrellas are a fantastic choice for event planners looking for LED centrepieces. Moreover, they’re lit by powerful lights from below, creating startling effects across the room.

circus table centres
circus centrepieces umbrella

The Showman

This is the greatest show!

Since the release of The Greatest Showman musical, Circus parties have been on a spectacular rise. As a result, we had to come up with vibrant Circus themed table centres to match.

That’s where the Showman comes in. Book him for your next big do!

circus table centres
led circus centrepieces

Fairground Carousel

Another red & white option, our Fairground Carousels are intricately designed for stunning results.

Again though, you can mix in other colours at the click of a button thanks to our LED technology.

The fairground caroursel table centres are are even better on Rotators. Watch the Carousel go round and round all night long.

Circus table centre hire in London
carousel centrepieces on rotators

Circus Horse

Our acrylic centrepieces get better and better. MD Gary Martin came up with the 3D effect that made these Circus themed table centres so popular.

We usually angle these so that when guests walk in, they see the 2D front of the Horse. It’s when they sit down that the illusion unfolds.

Watch your delegates jaws drop!

circus table centres
circus table centrepiece horse

Glow Bubble

A classic for Circus parties, with an added Table Art twist.

As a result of our ground-breaking LED technology, your whole room can be illuminated along with these 3ft balloons.

Choose your colours prior to the event, or upgrade to DMX for full control and breath-taking effects.

circus table centres
glow bubble centrepieces

Thanks for reading this blog about our Circus themed table centres. We hope it’s given you a vision and some inspiration ahead of your next event.

Don’t forget, we also specialise in event furniture and props. Especially for Circus events!

Chat with our team for an obligation-free quote.

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