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Celebrate The Earth at Your Event

Celebrate The Earth at Your Event

Celebrate the Earth at your event with re-usable props that pack down very small for transportation. This saves large trucks driving all around the country. It is also better than using props like flowers that get discarded after one use.

You can also celebrate the Earth with designs that globe based,

So, let’s take a look at what you can to make your Celebrate the Earth themed party the highlight of the year.

Inflatable Steampunk Globe

Our inflatable steampunk globe helps you take a journey through space. The inflatable globe features olde-worlde illustrations, mystical sea creatures, ornate compasses, and pirate ships. This is definitely a selfie-worthy prop that’ll give your guests a chance to take amazing pictures.

This globe has a steampunk styling, and you can easily attach it to the ceiling of the venue. If you are looking to give your guests a sense of adventure, you need to add this inflatable globe to your party décor. As it rotates high above the guests, they can step into a Neo-Victorian fantasy and enjoy every moment of the party.

table art inflatable steampunk globe
table art inflatable steampunk globe

Earth Vase

Centrepieces can change the whole look of the venue. Be it a travel-themed event or a Celebrate the Earth day event, you need a centrepiece that simply looks remarkable. For both events, you cannot ask for a better decoration piece than the Earth Vase. This is a contemporary table centrepiece that suits multiple themed events.

The Earth Vase table centre features a pure crystal earth sphere, sitting on top of an elegant glass vase. What sets this centrepiece apart from the rest, is the high quality that is instantly recognisable. The clear crystal catches the surrounding lights or the light of your choice. Using our LED system, you can light up the crystal centrepiece to display your organisation’s colours. 

earth table centre vase

Ice Cube

If you’re looking for an icy display that captures the attention of your guests instantly, an ice cube centrepiece is what you need. This is one of our most popular centrepieces.

The centrepiece features a real block of ice that gradually melts during the event. This isn’t the best part about this table centre. This centrepiece is different from the rest as you can actually place a product inside the block of ice to give your guests a reveal they are unlikely to forget. For your Celebrate the Earth event, you can opt for a small globe inside the ice block.

Earth Swirl

The Earth Swirl is one of our most innovative designs. It features a mini crystal Earth Globe that sits atop a plinth. Using our DMX radio control lighting system, we make the mini earth globe light up, which helps us put a veritable light show on every table.

The right decorations can indeed transform any venue, but with this earth globe, you stand to gain so much more. Using this, you can make the venue stand out and throw a party that everyone will remember for a long time. This innovative design has the potential to make your next corporate event the highlight of the year.  

earth swirl centrepiece
earth swirl centrepiece

Earth Globe

A leading design in our collection, this table centre has been the highlight of many events since it was introduced. It has a universal appeal that your guests will truly love. The quality of this solid crystal piece sculpture doesn’t fail to impress your guests and creates the perfect atmosphere.This earth globe never goes out of style and is of course perfect for your Celebrate The Earth event.

earth globe art wreath centre
earth globe art wreath centre

Shadow Earth Globe

What’s better than an earth globe centrepiece? A shadow earth globe! This design is the brainchild of our team of experts who understands what a corporate event demands. Be it a travel-themed event or an Earth Day celebration, this shadow earth globe in black and silver is a great option. Everyone who is passionate about travelling loves this sophisticated centrepiece. The centrepiece also features tall stands that are lit with our LED lights. You can choose the colour of your choice for each table. This way, you can make the tables stand out so it’s easy for the guests to find their seats.

shadow earth globe atlas filias phogg lit table centre

Let Us Make Your Events Special

At Table Art, you can expect to get the best Celebrate the Earth themed props and table centres. Our team of experts put real thought into the process and come up with the resources that can make even your simple parties a grand event. Whether you need décor options for corporate events, weddings or themed parties, you can find everything you need. 

We have worked on numerous projects that have given us insight about the party planning industry. Whatever theme you want, our team of experts are right there to help you pull it off. You can also get ideas by taking a look at our event styling guides. They feature our previous projects and will give you an idea about our prowess. Just browse through them all and get inspiration for the upcoming events.     

Looking for customised centrepieces or props for your next event

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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