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Ice Table Centres – A New Era

Ice Table Centres – A New Era

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Nearly 15 years ago, the Ice Melt table centre was first introduced.

It was the first of its kind in our range of lit table centres.

Table Art’s Founder & CEO, Gary Martin, has always loved the idea of creating beautiful centrepieces, particularly with real ice.

Now, it’s the beginning of a new era for Table Art, as Gary and his son, Joe Martin, work together to reform ice table centres.

The Ice Melt, the Godfather of the Table Art collection, was such a success. The design – a 600mm tall clear vase to lift the ice and contain the melted water. It also features acrylic icicles within the vase that drip with ice cold water.

The success of the Ice Melt lead on to other ice-based designs. From Ice Buckets on a Lazy Susan to 3D ice carvings, all of our ice table centres were placed on our vibrant LED lights, encased within a water catch box.

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The Ice Point Project

Gary and Joe had always enjoyed experimenting with different products to create new effects. Therefore, they recently decided to work together on a brand-new project – the Ice Point.

They had a number of issues to solve to end up with the look that they wanted. As with all ice table centres, it had to be easy to store and move safely with its own temperature insulation box. It must be also possible to display a company logo somewhere within the sculpture.

After some research they discovered that in order to get clear ice, they would have to freeze the water from the bottom upwards and keep the water circulating while it was freezing. This had to be done in order to remove most of any impurities within it.

They wanted each Ice Point to be individual, so Gary and Joe came up with a genius process that left a shard of frosted ice right at the top of the sculpture. This helped the Ice Point to catch the colour of the light perfectly.

The water catch box that goes on top of the light and under the ice is designed perfectly by Joe. It works so that it looks like real ice, yet is clear enough to show a company logo or message through the side. 

Foamex boxes were designed and crafted by Joe to hold, protect and insulate the ice during transport to events. This ensures that each ice sculpture arrives in pristine condition and as cold as possible to give a full 8 hours before it melts away. 

Moving Forward

Regardless of the future success of the Ice Point and other ice table centres, Gary & Joe will continue to craft new, revolutionary concepts to refashion the events industry.

Gary, with his creative mindset & accurate sketches, will provide the platform for Joe to turn those designs into a stunning reality with his expert crafting skills.

There’s plenty more where that came from; stay tuned and watch the world of Table Art continue to grow.

If you’d like an obligation-free quote for your upcoming event, get in touch with our team of professionals today.

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