rubik cube seat

Rubik Cube Seat

Event Furniture: Rubik Cube Seat Missing Pac Man, Adam Ant and dodgy shoulder pads? Relive it with our 1980’s party

poseur table light up

Pixel Poseur Table

Event Furniture: Pixel Poseur Table Our ingenious Pixel Poseur Tables. A new variation on the standard poseur tables, they are a

rotating poseur tables

Rotating Poseur Table Tops

Event Furniture: Rotating Poseur Table Tops Take a spin with our new Rotating Poseur Table Tops, a state-of-art rotator combined

oak poseur table

Oak Top Poseur Table

Event Furniture: Oak Top Poseur Table Elevating our poseur tables with a touch of sophistication, our Oak Top Poseur Table are a

steampunk poseur tables

Custom Print Poseur Table

Event Furniture: Custom Print Poseur Table Looking for new ways to bring a strong sense of brand to your event?

led cube seat

LED Cube

Event Furniture: LED Cube To enhance a bar area or to create a cool chill out zone our LED Cube is perfect.  

led lectern event


Event Furniture: Lectern Make your event speak stand out with our Illuminated Lectern.   Not only is it a unique

light up poseur table

Poseur Table

Event Furniture: Poseur Table The Poseur Tables adds a touch of elegance to any venue. They look all the more

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State-of-the-art lighting technology.

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