Pixel Tree

Event Prop: Pixel Tree  The brand new Pixel Tree Prop, genius invention from the Table Art design team. Struck again

grosvenor event

Circus Elephant Event Prop

Event Prop: Circus Elephant Event Prop Get ready for a jaw dropping announcement, our Circus Elephant Event Prop is inflatable! I

jelly fish inflatable prop

Jellyfish Prop

Event Prop: Jellyfish Looking for something to liven up an underwater themed party? We have what you need, our Gigantic

underwater decoration inflatables

Octopus Event Prop

Event Prop: Octopus “Release the Kraken!” Bring the drama of the sea to your event with this magnificent beast! Our

led tree hire

Twinkle Tree Prop

Event Prop: Twinkle Tree  The brand new Twinkle Tree Prop, genius invention from the Table Art design team. Struck again

dream circus inflatable elephant

Grey Elephant Prop

Event Prop: Grey Elephant Our design team is proud to introduce the Dream Circus Grey Elephant Prop. The latest inflatable

organic balloon display

Organic Balloon Display

Event Prop: Organic Balloon Display An event trend that shows no sign of slowing down. The Organic Balloon Display can been

branded photo backdrop

Branded Panel

Event Prop: Branded Panel Give the red carpet treatment to your event with a luxury set of Branded Panels with full

poseur table light up

Pixel Poseur Table

Event Furniture: Pixel Poseur Table Our ingenious Pixel Poseur Tables. A new variation on the standard poseur tables, they are a

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