office award ceremony value

Branded Arc Panel

Event Furniture: Branded Arc Panel A clear sense of brand at an event is vital for those looking to strengthen

led lit arc entrance

Arc Panel

Event Furniture: Lit Arc Panel Add a new dimension to your event with our Lit Arc Panel.   With the immense

superhero led bar

Bar Panel

Event Furniture: Bar Panel To truly deliver on an event theme, you need to cover every aspect of the space.

led light up panels

Light Panel

Event Furniture: Light Panel Light Panel Designs from Table Art.   With a vast range of printed screens, we have

branded photo backdrop

Branded Panel

Event Prop: Branded Panel Give the red carpet treatment to your event with a luxury set of Branded Panels with full

stag head christmas prop

Stag Head Panel

Event Prop: Stag Head Panel An ultra cool prop for your Winter Event, the Stag Head Panels are a stylish Scandinavian inspired

buffalo head prop

Buffalo Head Panel

Event Prop:  Buffalo Head Panel Try something different for your next Christmas Party and go for a Snow Chalet theme

beatles lit arc

Logo Arc

Event Prop: Logo Arc Our Custom Logo Arcs have proven to be indispensable prop. A diverse selection of themes available.  

pixel post entrance

Red Carpet Pixel Entrance

Event Furniture: Red Carpet Pixel Entrance Make your guests feel like VIPs.Lay down the Red Carpet Pixel Entrance.    Table

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State-of-the-art lighting technology.

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