Ice Melt

A ball of real ice lights up and slowly melts during the course of the event. The icy water drips

Pixel Tubes

The Pixel Tubes are our most innovative centrepiece yet. Using state of the art technology each table centre uses multiple

Crystal Globe

An alternative to our Mirror Ball table centre, this Crystal Globe table centerpiece really does add a touch of class

Flower Fountain

Our Flower Fountain adds a real delicate beauty to any event. Choose to have these lit in the colour of

Star Fountain

Our Star Fountain table centre adds a real delicate beauty to any event. Choose to have these table centerpieces lit

Star Globe

Transform your table with a beautifully crafted globe made from stars. Once lit, these centrepieces are stunning and will put

Fish Bowl

A low level table centre comprising a simple yet elegant lit lily in a Fish Bowl. These table centres can

Flower Float

These dramatic new table centres bring a cool sophistication to any event. With 3 flower heads per table centrepiece, these

Mirror Ball

This beautiful table centre can stand low, medium or tall, lighting up the room with sparkle. Choose to have these

Ice Bucket

Our Ice Bucket table centerpiece has combined beauty with practicality. The three lit buckets, holding your choice of drinks are

Discover DMX

State-of-the-art lighting technology.

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