dream circus inflatable elephant

Grey Elephant Prop

Event Prop: Grey Elephant Our design team is proud to introduce the Dream Circus Grey Elephant Prop. The latest inflatable

dream circus lettering

Dream Circus Cubes

Event Prop: Dream Circus Cubes Instantly recognisable, Dream Circus is an event concept that is taking over the industry.  

giraffe prop

Giraffe & Crate

Event Prop: Giraffe & Crate From the wilds of the African plains, to the Victorian Big Tops of yesteryear. The

inflatable elephant prop

Dream Circus Elephant

Event Prop: Dream Circus Elephant We cater for large and small events alike. The Dream Circus Elephant was an answer

inflatable hot air balloon prop

Dream Circus Balloon

Event Prop: Dream Circus Balloon Instantly recognisable, our Hot Air Balloon Inflatable is a key feature to the Dream Circus event styling

inflatable unicorn prop

Inflatable Unicorn

Event Prop: Inflatable Unicorn A supernatural creature brought to life, the Inflatable Unicorn is a dream-like addition to an event.  

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