manhattan lamp

Great Gatsby Decor Package

Concept: Great Gatsby Package. Inspired by the decadent soirees of the 1920’s, throw a party that would make Great Gatsby

table art steampunk panel

Steampunk Package

Concept: Steampunk Package. A reimagined past that is a collision of old and new world. A Victorian aesthetic meets new

new york

New York Decor Package

Concept: New York Decor Package. Host a party in the city that never sleeps. New York is re-envisioned for your

hollywood themed events

Tinseltown Package

Concept:Tinseltown Package. The heyday of Classical Hollywood cinema revived with a Tinseltown Party theme will have guests convinced that Marilyn

space event

Galaxy Quest Package

Concept: Galaxy Quest Package. Get ready to blast off across an unknown galaxy for the ultimate intergalactic adventure!! Intrepid Explorers

Retro Eighties 80s Event DJ Booth Close Up

Rocking Eighties Package

Concept: Rocking Eighties Package. Reliving the decade of shoulder pads and the classic hits of WHAM, there is so much

christ redeemer statue

Rio Carnival Package

Concept: Rio Carnival Package. A party like no other, the Rio Carnival is renowned across the Globe as the place

las vegas casino hire

Viva Las Vegas Package

Concept: Viva Las Vegas Package. Reviving the glamour of the Rat Packs heyday, throw a party fit for Frank Sinatra

underwater decoration

Atlantis Package

Concept: Atlantis Package. For a theme that is instantly recognisable, fun and modern, then you can ask for nothing better

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