Table Centrepieces / Candlestick Tall

Candlestick Tall

Table Art Collection: Candlestick Tall

A twist on the traditional Table Art Candelabra, the Candlestick Tall. 

With a familiar profile and yet a thoroughly modern look, the Candlestick Tall is a standout choice. Now matching the Candelabra in popularity.  The Candlestick has proven most effective in historic venues. Lending itself well to a traditional backdrop, but with the added dynamic of vibrant lighting effects. The candle featured at the top of the stand is LED with a realistic look. 

A key concern of any event planner is line of sight. With large AV screens and staging featuring so heavily on events, the sight lines are becoming a major concern. The Candlestick has been designed to have a narrow shape, ensuring the line of vision isn’t hindered. Many of our centres have been designed with the same issue in mind. Many are narrowed centrally or have the weight of the design above or below the line of sight.  When choosing services, we have resolved issues before you have even thought of them!  

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Dimensions: H:116cm |  W:27.5cm | D:27.5cm


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