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Bring Technology to your event

Pixel Tubes Bring Technology to your Event

Bring technology to your event with Pixel Tubes. The only way a tech-focused business can remain on top of their game is through pro-active strategies. With thousands of tech-industries churning out remarkable innovations, it can be hard to survive in this niche. It’s true that technology keeps us on our toes. 

Staying updated with the latest tech solutions and engaging with your customers is a lot of work. As a result, managing your brand presence is hard due to the intense competition. An annual corporate event, therefore, is the best time to showcase your tech-savvy brand reputation.

A tech-focused corporate event could just be the moment you needed to prove your products/services. You’re probably inviting tech experts, entrepreneurs, and businessmen to the event. In order to host a memorable night, everything needs to be on point.

People should walk out of your event, thinking how your company could be the next face of tech innovations. For this reason, your corporate event should feel like it’s inspired by technology. Your guests should find innovative centrepieces, tech-savvy brand panels to welcome them.

Bring technology to your event for a modern extravaganza. Table Art’s Pixel Tubes can do just that. And, so in keeping up the tech-spirit, here are some of the best pixel products your corporate event needs!

1.    Pixel Poseur Tables

Combine pixel light technology with artistic décor and you get stunning Pixel Poseur Tables. Beautifully twisted, these tables are a step ahead from the normal poseur tables. 

The pixel lights under the table are designed to move vertically, creating an eye-catching effect. These poseur tables are ideal for a relaxed and semi-formal corporate event. Making for event-appropriate furniture, your guests can rest their arms over the table while listening to your speeches.

led light hire
led light hire

2.    Pixel String Posts

Pixel String Posts are elegant and slender and really bring technology to your event. Prepare to mesmerise your guests with these softly glowing pixel posts. The entrance of your event should reflect your enthusiasm towards technology. These posts stand out in their stylish shape and innovative glow.  

The posts are concave in shape and stand at a staggering height of two metres. As real impression-makers, they can get the mood for the entire event. You can get two of these and place them at the reception for an unforgettable welcome!

pixel string post
pixel string post

3.    The Crystal Pixel

You will never regret choosing pixel light décor. The Crystal Pixel is a trailblazing addition to your tech-focused event. Luscious, elegant, and ideal for formal events, this chandelier beautifully lights up. You can place the chandeliers on each table and brighten them up during your feature presentation or a special segment.

As statement décor, these chandeliers exude a lustrous ambience you need for your special event. And, if you thought things couldn’t get better, the crystal pixel also creates a prism of light. Enchant your guests with a spectrum of colours glowing from the twinkling chandeliers.

4.    Pixel Mini

Technology knows no bounds. And, the Pixel Mini is here to prove things are only going to get better. Bring technology to your corporate event with these small pixel tubes that carry beautifully glowing pixels inside them. As a symbol of technological advancement, the Pixel Mini may be small but will surely steal the spotlight.

Use them as centrepieces on every guest table to liven up the event with their sparkling lights. Technology doesn’t always roar. Sometimes, it’s the small but powerful innovations that create an impact. And, the Pixel mini is a perfect example of this. Pair them up with the Pixel Posts at the main stage or the entrance for a dramatic effect!

mini pixel tube centrepieces
mini pixel tube centrepieces

5.    Pixel Feather

Lit up feathers over a graceful, slender lamp, Pixel Feather is another innovative piece for your event.  The Pixel Feather does resemble a tropical tree, but it symbolises so much more.  For a tech-focused event focusing on inclusivity and the international market, the Pixel Feather is an ideal décor piece.

Most people think of technology as a scientific, colourless field that has a complex language. However, you can use your tech brand to prove that innovations are born out of inclusivity and imagination. The Pixel Feather can symbolise the different markets in the world your company is trying to reach. As a symbol of tropical areas like Brazil and Hawaii, it also reflects your intent for cultural expansion.

Keeping up with the spirit of imagination, the Pixel String Stars are colourful pixel tubes to spruce up your event. With a striking star carved over the tube, this piece is a symbol of awards and championship. You can use this centrepiece to reflect your commitment to excellence.

Place it on every table – tall and proud- to show your guests that your tech company is here to steal the show. With enrapturing shades of light shining from the strings, all eyes will be on your tech-inspired speech. Hence, use the Pixel String Stars for a special moment at the corporate event. This piece will convince your guests that your values are driven by what’s best in technology.

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