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Bright Idea: Most Popular Design of 2021

Bright Idea | Most Popular Design of 2021

Our Bright Idea Table Centre made a big impression with clients in 2021 and so we hope to continue their popularity in 2022…

The Bright Idea Table Centre has been in high demand. 2021 may have been a relatively short year in terms of events but the centrepiece made a big impression. Featuring at twelve events over a three month period, this design was a popular choice. From a UNICEF Gala Dinner to a Rolls-Royce product launch, these centrepieces shone bright at a myriad of events. Thanks to this popularity, the workshop are now looking at ways of altering the design to make it even more popular! We want to develop ways of branding these beauty and adding in more colour! 

In this blog, we take a closer look at the Bright Idea centre. Come with us on this product focus and see how this design could work for your next event.

In Demand

Our most in demand centrepiece on 2021 by a landslide!

A clear sphere surrounds a filament light bulb and illuminates in a warm white light. With a black base, it has a clean cut look with a vintage vibe. The Filament Bulb lends itself to a more vintage look which has been part of its appeal. Vintage styling with state of the art technology. The simple style makes this one of our most versatile designs. A veritable chameleon, it can be dressed in a number of ways to suit an event. In this blog we take a closer look at how guests have chosen to make the most of the Bright Idea.

The popularity is also owing to the simple translation of a ‘Bright Idea’. Corporate clients looking to celebrate their innovations find that this centrepiece translates that perfectly.

Styling out the Bright Idea

Elevate your centrepiece with floral detailing…

Those eagle eyes amongst you have noticed that often, the Bright Idea is dressed with a floral arrangement. We think this is owing to the clean look of the piece. A floral arrangement really elevates the piece and gives it a truly sumptuous look. Above you can see the simple addition of the Ivy which gives an injection of natural styling against the industrial vibe of the centrepiece. 

The design below featured at the UNICEF ball is a particular favourite here in the office. They opted for a dry floral arrangement in greens, creams and oranges. The natural look was a wonderful contrast to the centrepiece and delivered drama to the base of the centrepiece.

Bright Idea Uicef awards Table Centers

An AV Favourite

This utterly unique design was particularly popular amongst AV Groups. Keen to utilise the DMX programming that comes as standard. The AV teams were able to patch the lights direct into their lighting desks. The result of which was an ability to sync the Bright Ideas at the touch of a button. Technicians can run everything from their desk and include the centrepieces direct into their lighting design. 

The filament light bulb is a key feature. It can only be lit in a warm white light but that can be dimmed, brightened and blacked out on command. This allows a team to blackout for performances and dim down for a dinner setting.

Developments for 2022

What is to come in 2022…

Thanks to the growing popularity of these centrepieces, the R&D team are working on design variations for 2022. Firstly, we want to be able to brand these centrepieces. Rather than the usual branded wraps around the base, we are thinking of bringing the logo right into the centre of the piece. Exchanging the filament bulb for an acrylic logo could be a really effective way of adding a brand to the table. The lighting of this would then alter and we would put in our standard light. The result of which means you can set the centrepiece to any colour rather than simply white. 

bright idea table art

More to come…

Keep up to date in 2022…

We do our best to keep our customers informed of the latest developments at Table Art. Primarily, the updates come through our social platforms. If you follow us across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you will find weekly videos and posts showing the latest from our workshop. Beyond that, our team are on hand through phone and email to chat through our latest projects. If something strikes you, contact us and we can happily look to how that will work for your event. 

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