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Branded Table Centrepieces – A Personal Touch At Corporate Events

Branded Table Centrepieces From Table Art

By adding branded table centrepieces to your event space, your guests will appreciate your attention to detail.

There are many ways of going about this. However, we’ve found that branded table centrepieces are by far the best option.

Each LED table centre sits just a meter from every delegate. This means your company logo will be right in front of them all night and be a key memory from your event.

In this blog, we’ll explore the options Table Art have to offer.

branded table centrepieces
branded lantern led table centres

Logo Block

The Logo Block relatively new addition to our collection of branded table centrepieces. A carefully designed cube sat on top of a powerful LED box allows for excellent customisation opportunities.

Each face is 20x20cm, allowing lots of room for creativity. For an extra twist, you could even have each side display a different logo. This is ideal for those with sponsors to advertise.

branded table centrepieces
branded block centrepiece

Branded Acrylic

Here at Table Art, we stop at nothing to make your dreams come true. We can even custom make branded table centrepieces to your exact specifications. 

Here’s an example from the Publican Awards at Battersea Evolution in 2019. Our highly-skilled design team crafted these exceptional LED centrepieces exactly to our client’s brief. A great memory to look back on!

branded table centrepieces
battersea evolution publican awards

Branded Lantern

The newest product in our range is the Branded Lantern. Another genius idea from MD Gary Martin, these branded table centrepieces will blow your guests away. We provide you with a template and your designer can go to town!

Each Lantern also features an acrylic number on the top. This can be matched to your table plan to provide a handy guide for delegates.

branded table centrepieces
branded lantern centrepieces

Logo Sphere

Another acrylic masterpiece from the Table Art design team. The Logo Sphere has been a massive hit amongst our clients for many years now. Thanks to the tools in our eco-friendly workshop, every sphere stands out.

And when combined with our powerful LED boxes, these branded table centrepieces go down a treat at every event. Guests will be mesmerised not only by lighting display, but the attention to detail also.

branded table centrepieces
logo sphere table art

Logo Spire

Working with our partners across the globe, we came up with the Logo Spire as a contemporary alternative to our current range. They’re certainly distinctive and are like nothing the events industry has seen before!

Using laser cutting technology, each of these branded table centrepieces contain spherical holes for your company’s logo. These logos are then back-lit to ensure they stand out on every table.

branded table centrepieces
logo spire table centre

Thank you for reading this blog – we hope it’s given you some inspiration ahead of your next corporate event.

Need more details or still in need of ideas? Get in touch with our team today. We’re always happy to help!

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